Friday, April 5, 2013

The R.P.D. Just Doesn't Get It

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY Police officer
Anthony DiPonzio

Like I have been saying for years, when it comes to Rochester, NY's mainstream, corporate-run news media, they will do whatever it takes in order to protect the Rochester, NY Police department.

One such example came with the shooting of Rochester, NY Police officer Anthony DiPonzio by 14-year old Tyquan Rivera on January 31, 2009.

Let me be clear here.

In no way, shape or form do I condone the shooting of any police officer!

I just think that since the mainstream news media did a great job at not telling the whole story, that led to a young kid from a broken home, to run in his house and grab a rifle, then shoot an innocent Rochester Police officer in the back of the head, then it's only fair that people know the real story.

So here's what Rochester's lamestream media never told you.

On that cold January day in 2009, Rochester Police officer Kevin Mack drove onto Dayton St., off Hudson Ave., on Rochester's east side, stopped his cruiser, got out, and assaulted a 14-year old child named Tyquan Rivera.
Tyquan Rivera

Mack then threw Rivera in a snowbank, then picked him up off the ground by his collar.

Officer Mack then walked Rivera back to his home, all the while ridiculing him, as Tyquan's friends looked on.

What could have been a positive interaction with this young man, officer Mack instead chose to make it an antagonistic one.

One which ended up in this young man running in his home, grabbing a rifle, and shooting Rochester Police officer Anthony DiPonzio in the back of the head.

DiPonzio, a rookie officer at the time, was completely innocent.

He had just arrived on the scene, and had nothing to do with Mack's rogue actions and treatment of Rivera, minutes earlier.

As the saying goes, DiPonzio was simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Of course, Rochester's news media, and City officials, never reported the complete story.

The story of how RPD officer Kevin Mack's rogue, thug-like actions almost cost an innocent officer his life.

His fellow officer.

The story of how many times, instead de-escalating matters, R.P.D. officers instead create, and then escalate completely unnecessary situations.

Whenever I see a Rochester, NY Police officer, I make it a point to tell them this:

"Try to make every encounter you have with a young person, a positive one. You never know how, the way you treat that young person will change his, or her life."

Like it changed mine, many years ago, when Rochester, NY Police officer Randall "Rambo" Benjamin and Mark Mariano illegally broke into our home, with no warrant, and terrorized my family with guns pointed at us.

And unfortunately, like it changed an innocent Rochester, NY Police officer's, who had done nothing wrong, and simply walked in at then of a completely unnecessary situation, basically police brutality, that his fellow officer, Kevin Mack had created by assaulting a minor.

The Rochester, NY Police department has no idea the tensions that exist in the community.

Tension between the youth and them.

The R.P.D. just doesn't get it.

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