Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy has No Comment When he's Caught Illegally Parked, Blocking Fire Hydrant

By Davy V.
Monroe County Sheriff's deputy
who refused to tell me his name.
Photo by Davy V.

A Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy who illegally parked his cruiser 2467 in a clearly marked "NO STANDNG/NO PARKING" zone on Irving Place, off W. Main St., in downtown Rochester, blocking a fire hydrant, as he delivered coffee and baked goods to someone inside the Monroe County Executive Office building, didn't know what to say when I confronted him Wednesday morning.

As I was downtown on business, I noticed the deputy illegally parking his cruiser on Irving Pl., and exit carrying a tray with what looked to be coffee cups, and some baked goods.

Since I was driving, I couldn't safely take a photo or video, so I just chuckled to myself, and forgot about it, and proceeded to find parking.

Approximately a half hour later, when I was finished conducting my business, and as I was walking back to my car, I noticed the deputy's cruiser was still parked in the same spot.
Monroe County, NY Sheriff's department cruiser 2467
illegally parked, in "NO STANDING/NO PARKING" zone,
and blocking fire hydrant on Irving Pl.
Photo by Davy V.

I crossed the street, took some photos and videos, and noticed a young woman dressed in some sort of security uniform walking past the cruiser.

Then, as the woman walked back, the Monroe County Sheriff deputy came around the corner, at which time I began recording.

You will hear the deputy say "Not on camera", in response to my question "Deputy, can you explain why you parked illegally, blocking a fire hydrant?", which didn't come out on the video, because I hadn't pressed record yet.

You then hear me repeat the question again, as well as ask the deputy for his name, several times.

Clearly not happy that his "above the law" behavior was caught on video, the deputy ignores my repeated request for his name, and walks away.

There you have it, Monroe County, your taxpayer dollars at work!

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