Friday, June 28, 2013

Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden Retaliates Against Me after I Criticize Him

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden

For the past several years, I have openly criticized Rochester, NY City Councilman, Adam McFadden.

McFadden, the south west district council member since 2004, and chair of the Public Safety Youth Recreation Committee (PSYR), has hoodwinked the African-American community in Rochester, NY, selling out the very same folks who voted for him.

Once pretending to care about innocent African-Americans profiled, abused, and in some cases executed by trigger-happy Rochester, NY Police officers, McFadden has done a complete 180 degree turn, recently defending those same RPD cops, even publicly saying that people should stop criticizing the Rochester Police department.

What can you expect from McFadden, a man who went door to door in Rochester's poorest neighborhoods, asking African-Americans to vote for Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards, a millionaire, who has clearly shown he DOES NOT care about African-Americans and Latinos.

McFadden defending the Rochester Police department comes just weeks after several white Rochester Police officers were caught on a video, which has since gone viral, lifting Benny Warr, an African-American, one-legged amputee man, up off his motorized wheelchair, and slamming him onto a sidewalk, before beating and pepper spraying him, for what the Rochester Police department claims was Warr not following the officers' orders to disperse.

Warr was waiting a city bus.

He was arrested, and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

On Wednesday March 13, 2013, I posted a comment on the "Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed", facebook page, saying that McFadden DOES NOT care about innocent minorities, being profiled, abused, beaten and in some cases killed, by Rochester, NY Police officers, and that he has completely turned his back on his own community, and has sold out.

Within minutes of me posting the comment, Adam McFadden's brother, 'Prince McFadden' posted this comment:

"Slow down Davy V. don't get hurt", followed by: "Careful of the water you tread on Dave! This is!"

So what did Adam McFadden do this time?

This time McFadden turned to a friend named Richard Collinge, AKA "Richard GreyFaces."
Richard "GreyFaces" Collinge

Collinge, an ex-con who has done at least three prison bids since 1995, the most recent, a 4-year sentence from which he was paroled in late 2010, then started posting threats on social media, as well as sending me the following text at 1:28 in the morning:

"U went to far with your lies, but u fuckin with the right 1 fag!"

Collinge, or GreyFaces, as he is best known, then gave his friends my phone number, and all day Thursday, while I was with my children, I was being bombarded with calls, most of them from "Restricted" numbers, threatening, and harassing me.
Richard "GreyFaces" Collinge asking people
to call my number.

But Richard "GreyFaces" Collinge did not stop there.

He posted my phone number on his Facebook page, with the post:

"ATTENTION: if u have love for greyfaces call (my number) and say greyfaces into the answering machine! HURRY"

The result?

My phone ringing non-stop, with people calling,  again, while I was with my children.

At one point, my 9-year old son answered the phone, thinking it was someone for me, only to hear profanities and yelling from a female caller.

Ignorant individuals.

Followers of Richard "GreyFaces" Collinge who obviously have nothing better to do, than to do what he asks of them.
A post by Arthur George Kerr II

Collinge is also taking photos of me and editing them, then posting them on the internet.

Ironically, Richard GreyFaces recently posted several messages on social media immediately after two men were shot and killed outside Rochester's Club Network, on June 24.

That same night, Richard "GreyFaces" Collinge was thrown through a window by Club Network security.
Message that "Marie Chary",
an Adam McFadden supporter sent me.

In those messages, GreyFaces expressed his sadness not only about the murder victims, but also about the ignorance among today's culture, where people don't seem to respect, or value another human being's life.

But I guess what is really ironic is the fact that Rochester City Adam McFadden, an elected official, who always makes sure to get his face in front of television news cameras, claiming to denounce violence, would not only condone, but co-sign threats against me, by his friends and family members!

As a father of three young children, I owe it to them to document all this.

Please share this.

I will be updating this blog.

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