Monday, June 24, 2013

Rochester, NY Police and Monroe County, NY Probation officers Beat and Tase Father

By Davy V.

Sylvester Pritchett's eye after being beaten, and tased
by Rochester, NY and Monroe County, NY
probation officers.
A Rochester, NY woman is using Facebook, asking for help in locating video of RPD officers who she says beat, tased, and then arrested her husband.

According to Shaneka Grady-Pritchett, the incident occurred on Thursday June 20 around 8:00 pm on Weaver St., on Rochester's east side.

Pritchett's husband, Sylvester Pritchett was attempting intervene in an altercation involving his daughter, when he says a Monroe County, NY Probation officer charged Pritchett.

It was then Pritchett's wife says, that a group of 10 to 15 Rochester, NY Police officers jumped on her husband, hitting with batons, kneeing and kicking him.

Shaneka Grady-Pritchett said that while the group of RPD officers were beating her husband, two more RPD officers were pushing people back, calling people motherfuckers, referring to women as bitches, waving guns, and threatening to arrest people.
Sylvester Pritchett's eye after being beaten, and tased
by Rochester, NY and Monroe County, NY
probation officers.

Grady-Pritchett says her husband's daughter told one of the RPD officers that they didn't have to beat her father like that, and she asked the officer for his name.

The officer told the young woman, "I kill people and get away with it."

"They were so unprofessional, not just with him on the ground, but with the crowd control. They showed up to that incident and made it worse.", said Grady-Pritchett.

Pritchett says that the group of police officers were piling up on me another, reaching over each other, and swinging their batons, and that it looked like something out of a cartoon.

At one point Pritchett says, the Rochester, NY Police officers were so out of control, that a female RPD officer was accidentally tased by a fellow officer.

Then Pritchett says, her husband who was on the ground and not resisting, was tased by a Monroe County, NY probation officer.

Shaneka Pritchett was then thrown to the ground, and had a knee placed on her back, after becoming emotional seeing her husband being beaten, and tased.

Sylvester Pritchett was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, obstruction of governmental administration, or "O.G.A.".

According to Sylvester Pritchett, after he was arrested, he was taken to the Rochester Police department's east side division located on N. Clinton Ave., where he says, an interesting conversation took place.

Pritchett says that as he was being transported to an ambulance, a female RPD officer told him she didn't like his kind.

Pritchett then says that after he told the officer that he didn't do anything wrong, that he was just trying to calm his daughters down, the officer told him "I was the one that hit you on your legs, will you accept my apology?"

Sylvester Pritchett said the probation officer then told him "I was the one who was tasing you, I'm sorry."

Pritchett says he told both the RPD officer and the probation officer that he accepted their apologies.

This is Rochester, NY Police Chief Janes Sheppard's "Operation Cool Down", in full effect.

Abusing and beating innocent citizens.


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