Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officer Lets Drunken Festival Goers Wear his Hat and Poses for Photos!

By Davy V.

Whether it's 8 Rochester, NY Police officers play fighting, and posing for photos on the roof of the Public Safety building,... or Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera taking her friends on ride alongs and taking photos of herself, in her police cruiser, then posting them to Instagram, ... or a Rochester, NY Police officer allowing his tattoo artist friend to get behind the wheel of his police cruiser and take a photo throwing up the middle finger, then posting the photo on social media with the title "Real Gs steal cop cars n don't give a FUCK!", ... or, a Rochester, NY Police officer stacking beer cups on his head, at at a BBQ festival... it seems as though Rochester, NY Police officers just can't stop showing just how unprofessional they really are.

And now, you can add the photo on the right, to the long list of Rochester, NY Police officers degrading themselves, and their badge.

The photo, which shows a Rochester, NY Police officer posing with what looks to be some tipsy, cup holding festival goers, one wearing the RPD officer's hat, was sent to me by a person who attended the Rochester, NY East End Festival, on Friday, June 14, 2013.

"I was shocked because random drunks were literally just grabbing it off his head to take pics and he just kept posing with them", the man wrote in his email, adding "Everyone around was a little confused as to why he would allow people to just do that."

Like I always say, always have your cell phones ready and RECORD!, RECORD!, RECORD!

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