Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officer Witnesses Fellow Law Enforcement officer Driving Recklessly, then has No Comment, before Driving Away to Pretend Call

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY Police officer driving cruiser E-69,
playing dumb.
Photo by Davy V.

If the Rochester, NY Police department gave out awards for "Best acting when being video recorded by Davy V.", I'm sure RPD Chief James Sheppard would nominate the officer in the video below.

Here's the story:

Friday afternoon I was on my way to the Hall of Justice to sit in on some proceedings in my good friend, Judge Elliott's courtroom.

As I approached the intersection of West Main and Fitzhugh streets, I heard several loud car horns.

I then saw a grey Chevy Impala, which was stopped at the red light, start to reverse down Fitzhugh Street, nearly hitting a vehicle behind it, whose driver was also waiting for the red light, and forcing that vehicle, and the one behind it, to go around the Impala.

I then realized two disturbing things.

First, the grey Impala was actually an official law enforcement vehicle, possibly a probation officer, since the Monroe County, NY Probation offices are located right on Fitzhugh St., in downtown Rochester.

Second, a Rochester, NY Police officer who was sitting in his cruiser, E-69, which was parked on the street, witnessed the Impala backing up, and nearly causing at least one accident.

I immediately began video recording.

As you can see in the first video below, the law enforcement officer in the grey Chevy Impala, is seen backing the vehicle up at least 40 feet.

You can also see the RPD officer look right at the law enforcement officer, but... he DOES NOTHING.

No surprise there.

Now is this corruption?

Is it misconduct?

I believe so.

You see, this officer witnessed an individual driving in a reckless manner, and ignored it.

He did so because the individual is a law enforcement officer.

This RPD officer gave him a free pass.

It's the "Good ol' boys' code, that law enforcement officers subscribe to.

One thing is for sure... had that been me or YOU backing up like that and nearly causing accidents, I'm pretty sure that officer would NOT have ignored that!

In the second video, watch as the officer acts, well, just watch what he does.

Just one hint... look as the officer looks around, acting as if he's clueless to what I'm asking him, before pretending to be responding to an imaginary dispatch call!

The best part?

One of my attorneys, David Morabito, was on his car on his way to court, and saw me video recording, and gave me a thumbs up!

So remember!... RECORD! RECORD! RECORD!

Click Play to watch Part 1

Click Play to watch Part 2


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