Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wayne County, NY Man Beat, and Shot his Dog 7 Times, Killing It, for going through the Garbage

By Davy V.
Evan Welcher,
the Coward who executed an innocent dog.

In what is perhaps one of the most disgusting and disturbing cases of animal cruelty in recent history, an Arcadia, NY man was arrested for beating and shooting his dog at least 7 times, after it it went through the garbage.

On May 25, 2013, Evan Welcher's 3-year old Pit bull mix dog Queenie, got into the garbage, as all dogs do at one point on time or another.

Within minutes Queenie was dead.

According to Welcher's friend, Jason Leuze, when Welcher saw Queenie going through the garbage, the Wayne County man became furious.

"This time he just snapped," said Leuze, who also says that Welcher had a history of abusing Queenie.

"He was holding it by the collar, punching it in the face, kicking it. He threw it down the stairs", said Leuze, adding, "I went down to check on it to see if it was all right and he comes down and he starts shooting it. It crawled towards him pretty much apologizing and he shot it again," said Leuze.

X-rays taken, show two bullets struck Queenie in the body, and five others lodged in her head.
X-Ray shows five bullets lodged in Queenie's head.

"He was shooting it through the eye, into the nose and mouth and throat. I'm disgusted," said Leuze.

"The dog died of a gunshot wound to the head", said Wayne County, NY District Attorney Richard Healy.

"The dog also had a fractured jaw which we believed was from the beating, so this dog suffered terribly", Healy said.

Given the extent of cruelty, and the details of the attack, prosecutors decided to charge Welcher with aggravated animal cruelty.

Although that charge is a felony in New York State, it's still a slap on the wrist, for the nature of the crime committed against an innocent, defenseless animal.

Welcher told police that Queenie was old and sick and that he was attempting to euthanize her.

"I didn't have the $350 to bring it to the vet to have it put down", Welcher said in a statement, where he went on to say, "I grew up on a farm, it doesn't bother me to do that."

A veterinarian said that Queenie was only three years old, and otherwise healthy.

Jason Leuze, who says he himself is a dog owner, said when he tried to intervene, Evan Welcher was waving the gun and even pointed it at his mother and threatened her.

"It disturbed me very much, I think he needs to go to prison", Leuze said.

If convicted, Welcher faces up to two years in prison.

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