Tuesday, September 17, 2013

After Being Arrested for DWI, Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Robert Glazier Threatened "War' against Livingston County, NY Sheriff's Department

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy
Robert Glazier's,
glossy-eyed mugshot photo.
By Davy V.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Robert Glazier, who was driving drunk with an 11-year old boy in his pickup truck, on Saturday September 17th, asked a Livingston County, NY Sheriff deputy if he could get rid of a 911 call from a concerned motorist who reported him, after he was swerving all over Interstate 390 near the Town of Avon, NY, nearly hitting other vehicles.

When that didn't work, Glazier threatened "war."

After pulling deputy Glazier over, they saw his girlfriend's 11-year old son inside the truck.

Livingston County Sheriff's deputies say that Deputy Glazier, a 27-year veteran of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, refused a breathalyzer, and failed all the road side sobriety tests.

Deputy Glazier was charged under Leandra's Law for having the young child in the vehicle, while Driving While Intoxicated.

Leandra's Law makes it an automatic felony on the first offense to drive drunk with a person 15 or younger inside the vehicle, and an alcohol blood content level, or BAC of 0.08. or higher.

According to the police report, which is 33 pages long, Deputy Robert Glazier asked the Livingston County Sheriffs deputies at least ten times to "give him a break", as a courtesy.

When the deputies refused, Glazier is quoted by the deputies as telling them, "You have just arrested another cop. You know this declares war between the two departments. I'm not saying that, but that's just how it's going to be."

Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy Flickner told Robert Glazier that he had to be charged with DWI, because, "this matter needs to be investigated."

According to the police report, Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Robert Glazier also pleaded with the arresting deputies to make the 911 go away.

"Robert asked if we could get rid of the 911 call," deputy Flickner wrote in the police report.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, who said that he hadn't yet seen the police report, denied that Glazier's arrest by Livingston County, NY Sheriff's deputies caused any rift between the two departments.

O'Flynn said his command officers were made aware of the arrest and at no time was any special favor requested or expected.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn said his commanding officers were made aware of Glazier's arrest and that at no time was any special favor requested or expected.

O'Flynn, who was obviously trying to put on a good face in what is yet another scandal to hit his department, added, "The badge doesn't get you special privileges if you make bad decisions, you have to live with the consequences."

This is not the first time that a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy has been charged with DWI under Leandra's Law.

On May 25, 2012, Monroe County, NY Sheriff's department Sergeant Paul Doser was charged with felony DWI after flipping his vehicle over with a 6-year old child inside.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office Spokesman Cpl. John Helfer said deputies saw an upside down, flipped over, 2005 Subaru in a field, after they responded to a call for a single-car crash in the area of 1732 Brick Schoolhouse Road, in Hamlin, NY.

As for Sheriff O'Flynn's comment that at no time were any special favors requested of expected in deputy Glazier's arrest, well Sheriff O'Flynn, deputy Glazier sure did try, didn't he?

And as for Livingston County, NY Sheriff deputies Flckner and his fellow deputy?

Two thumbs up!

Thank you for doing the right thing deputies, and not looking the other way by subscribing to the "Good Ol' Boys" way of giving a fellow cop, a break.

Thank you!

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