Monday, September 9, 2013

Like It Never Even Happened

Rochester, NY Police officers assault Benny Warr,
a one-legged amputee.
By Davy V.

Many of us have seen that Serv-Pro restoration company television commercial, where the company's slogan is "Like it never even happened."

Well, on Sunday afternoon, some folks in Rochester, NY acted like it never even happened.

Like what never happened?

Like the Rochester, NY Police department isn't continuing its decades-long history of abusing, innocent African-Americans and Latinos.

Benny Warr
Like on May 2, 2013, Benny Warr, an African-American one-legged amputee wasn't assaulted by white Rochester, NY cops as he sat in his motorized scooter, waiting for the city bus.

Identified only by their street names, the RPD officers known as "Rock", and "Joey", grabbed the 52-year old disabled man, slammed him the sidewalk, pepper-sprayed him, then in order to justify their Gestapo-like actions, charged Warr with resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Like what never happened?

Rochester, NY Police officer Lucas Krull.
gets ready to punch Brenda Hardaway in the head.
Like on Tuesday August 27. 2013, 2013, Rochester, NY Police officer Lucas Krull, who is white, didn't assault 21-year old African-American pregnant woman named Brenda Hardaway at her home.

In a video which has gone viral on the Internet, RPD officer Krull is seen driving Hardaway into a wooden porch deck post, before punching her in the head, and then throwing her to the ground.

Then again, just like in Benny Warr's incident, in an attempt to justify beating a pregnant woman, Rochester Police turned around and charged Hardaway with several misdemeanors and velonies including assaulting a police officer.

Assaulting a police officer!

A pregnant woman who was punched in the head by an RPD cop!

Oh by the way, Brenda Hardaway was just indicted on the charges by a brand jury.

And Rochester Police officer Lucas Krull is still patrolling the streets.

Now, about those folks on Sunday afternoon.

Rochester, NY's Baber AME Church hosted the annual Friends and Family Day, inviting who else but the Rochester Police department for some barbecuing fun!

Pastor James Simmons said that they want to strengthen the community by building relationships between city residents and Rochester Police.

“We want to build that opportunity between community and the police department. Often times there is a strain between the two. We want to build community policing. We want to build opportunities where people get to know officers,” said Simmons.

"A strain between the two"?

Pastor Simmons, are you referring to a white cop punching a pregnant black woman in the head, then throwing her to the ground?

Do you mean that "strain" Pastor?

Also at the cookout were the NAACP.


As in the National Coalition for the Advancement of Colored People?

As in the same NAACP who continues to be silent regarding the Rochester, NY Police department's contouring abuse of African-Americans?

The same NAACP that sat at a table of Rochester-area clergy members


That same NAACP.

They all cracked jokes with members of the Rochester, NY Police department, as they flipped burners and hots on the grill,

And acted like it never even happened.

Click Play to watch video of RPD cops beating African-American one-legged amputee.

Click Play to watch video of RPD cop Lucas Krull beating African-American pregnant woman.

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