Monday, September 16, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officer Caught on Video Refusing to Intervene in Youth Football Game Fight

Rochester, NY Police officer
tells parent that he will not get involved
in stopping a fight at youth football game.
By Davy V.

Imagine this.

You take your 7-year old child to their football game, and as you're waiting for his game to start, a fight breaks out, between the two teams playing.

Then you realize that some of the teenagers on both teams are pepper-spraying each other.

You then notice one child is crying, after having been pepper-sprayed in his face.

In the meantime, while all this is happening, you see something you can't believe, or understand.

A police officer is standing there, watching everything, and refusing to intervene.

Rochester, NY Police officer
watches, as youths fight
at youth football game.
That's exactly what a Rochester, NY mother saw Sunday afternoon, at a game held at Franklin High School, on Rochester's northeast side, between the Southwest Colts, and the Baden Street Bulldogs.

"The fight involved mostly the players from both teams, but everyone got off the bleachers and joined in", said the woman who asked to remain anonymous.

"Then I saw this boy who had climbed on top of a tractor after having been sprayed in the face and he was crying," said the woman.

"No one was helping him, everyone was just running right past him and he was crying and screaming 'I can't see, I can't see!', I bought him two bottles of water and grabbed some napkins and helped him flush his eyes out."

"He kept saying 'Please don't leave me, please don't leave me."

The woman said even more disturbing than the fight was the fact that a Rochester Police officer was watching the whole incident, but refused to get involved.

"He was just standing there, basically saying it wasn't his problem," said the woman.

"I mean there were young children there, the tiny mites were waiting on the sideline, and people were running, it was crazy, and he just stood there," said the woman.

The video below, which another woman recorded, after the Rochester, NY Police officer told a woman that the fight was "Not his problem", shows the RPD officer leaning on a fence talking to two different men, telling them why he won't get involved.

If you listen closely, the RPD officer seems to downplay the fight, and justify his not getting involved by telling the first man "No weapons, only fists right now."

Although the audio is not the best, the officer is then heard telling the second man, "Whole lotta adults, coaches, administrators, and parents handle the situation... before cops go in..."

I guess this Rochester, NY Police officer gives a whole new meaning to the played out phrase "To Protect and Serve", huh?

Nice job Chief Sheppard!

Not only are you teaching your officers to beat one-legged amputees, and punch pregnant women in the head, but now your officers are refusing to protect young children and families?

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