Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and her Administration Refuse to Answer Simple Question: Was Mayor Lovely Warren's SUV Pulled Over Twice by New York State Troopers, Once for Driving 92, and Once for Driving 97 Miles Per Hour?

Rochester, NY Mayor
Lovely Warren
By Davy V.

On Wednesday morning, Rochester, NY radio show host Bob Lonsberry said that sources "at the highest levels of the New York State Police" had stated that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's SUV, being driven by her uncle/bodyguard/chauffeur Reggie Hill was pulled over by NYS Troopers not once, but twice, last Wednesday, on their way back from Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address in Albany, NY.

Once for driving 92 miles per hour, and the second time for driving 97 miles per hour.

On Monday, Lovely Warren and her spokeswoman, Christine Christopher acknowledged that the Mayor's SUV was pulled over once.

They never mentioned there were two traffic stops. 
All Smiles
Reggie Hill exits City Hall

Appearing on a local Rochester, NY radio show Wednesday morning, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren said she just wants to get back to business.

"I'm done with the thruway issue, and the security detail," said Warren.

"All the information has been submitted to the President of City Council and forwarded for review."

Lovely Warren was referring to Rochester, NY City Council President Loretta Scott, and an ethics investigation into Warren's actions, including the hiring of her uncle Reggie Hill.

But that investigation won't even begin until three members of the Ethics Board are replaced.

Meanwhile, Lovely Warren and her administration has refused to answer a simple question.

Was her SUV pulled over twice by New York State Troopers for speeding?

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