Monday, January 13, 2014

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's SUV, Pulled Over on Thruway by NYS Police, Going 97 Miles Per Hour

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
By Davy V.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's uncle/personal bodyguard/chauffeur was pulled over by New York State Police last Wednesday, driving 97 miles per hour on the thruway.

Reggie Hill, who was hired by Warren just days after taking office, in a controversial move where she unilaterally created a position for her uncle, and a second bodyguard, was driving his niece back to Rochester, from Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address, in Albany, NY, when a NYS trooper clocked Lovely Warren's SUV going 32 miles per hour over the speed limit on Interstate 90, near Gloversville, NY.

According to the Albany Times Union, Lovely Warren's spokeswoman, Christine Christopher that "Hill thought he was exceeding 80, but absolutely not 90."

Reggie Hill
Lovely Warren's uncle/bodyguard/chauffeur
Then, in a classic example of the "Good ol' boys club", Lovely Warren's uncle was not ticketed.

Reggie Hill is a retired New York State Police investigator.

As an activist, writer and blogger exposing police misconduct and corruption, I talk a lot about preferential treatment among law enforcement officers.

There's a very well known, but unspoken rule in the law enforcement community, where "you don't write" a fellow law enforcement officer, meaning you don't issue a ticket to another law enforcement officer, active, or retired.

Lovely Warren's uncle later told Christopher that the reason he wasn't issued a ticket, was because it is "standard safety protocol to travel faster than the average speed" when traveling on the Thruway.

According to the Albany Times Union story, when it comes to security details, which is what Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's uncle is, there are no exceptions of exceeding speed limits.

Only law enforcement officials, in designated vehicles, responding to emergencies are permitted to exceed speed limits.


Rochester, NY Radio show host Bob Lonsberry is reporting that sources "at the highest levels of the New York State Police" are saying that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's SUV, being driven by her uncle/bodyguard/chauffeur was pulled over by NYS Troopers not once, but twice, last Wednesday.

Once for driving 92 miles per hour, and the second time for driving 97 miles per hour.

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