Monday, January 27, 2014

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's Administration Used Well Known 'Friday News Dump' to Announce her Uncle, Reggie Hill's Resignation as her Personal Bodyguard/Chauffeur

By Davy V.
Reggie Hill has resigned.

Just when I thought the Lovely Warren scandal over the hiring of her uncle, Reggie Hill as the head of her two man bodyguard/personal chauffeur team, and the fact that she lied about how many times the SUV she was in was stopped by New York State troopers, to and from the State Capital recently, was over, comes yet something else.

In what is commonly known in the media as a 'Friday News Dump'[, the releasing of negative news stories, documents, etc., on a Friday afternoon, or early evening in an attempt to try and avoid news media scrutiny, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, and her administration did just that in announcing Reggie Hill's resignation.

Notice of Hill's resignation went out to Rochester's corporate-America run mainstream news media went out around 4:45 p.m. Friday, 15 minutes before the office lights start going off, and most people
go home for the weekend.

Hill cited the reason for his resignation as a distraction from the work that Lovely Waren needs to focus on as mayor.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

One interesting, yet not surprising fact however, is that Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was nowhere to be found for comment.

Instead, her spokeswoman, Christine Christopher, who has done a horrible job at PR, was very curt when local news reporter Amanda Ciavarri went to Rochester City Hall seeking comment.

Christopher told Ciavarri that Lovely Warren still supports her decision in hiring her uncle, and has no regrets.

When Ciavarri asked about the fact that Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren lied about the number of stops, a very rude, and curt Christopher replied, "That is not something I'm going to talk about today. I am here to talk about Mr. Hill's resignation."

And then News 10NBC reporter Amanda Ciavarri asked Warren's spokeswoman what is perhaps one of of the best, most blunt questions I have ever seen a mainstream local news media reporter ask.

Christine Christopher, Lovely Warren's spokeswoman,
refuses to answer questions.
 “It has been about a week, the mayor won’t answer questions, you won’t talk about it and you are a spokeswoman for her and you are not taking questions, when will tax payers and the people she serves get answers?” 

"I think that everything that needs to be known about that incident has come out and that is all we are going to say on it," answered Lovely Warren's spokeswoman.
And there you have it Rochester, NY taxpayers... Your hard earned tax dollars at work.

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