Monday, February 3, 2014

Lawsuit names Former Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, officers Alexander Baldauf, and Ricky Harris Jr., for Beating Caught on Home Surveillance Video

Former Rochester, NY Police Chief
James Sheppard

By Davy V.

Breakups are never easy.

It's never fun to have to gather your belongings, and pack your car up.

Especially when you're leaving your own home.

Well, imagine if during the course of you loading your things up into your vehicle, your significant other starts arguing with you and begins yelling, threatening to take the license plates off your vehicle because even though the title is on your name, the registration is in hers.

She then calls the police.

Then, shortly after the police arrive, an officer beats you viciously, while his partner stands by watching.

That's exactly what happened to Dwayne Ivery on August 17, 2013 right in front of his home, located at 1509 East Main St.

As Ivery was talking with his girlfriend, Rochester, NY Police officer Alexander Baldauf became irate.

"I thought I told you not to say anything!" Baldauf yelled at Ivery.

Rochester Police officer Baldauf then grabbed Dwayne Ivery's hand, and punched him in the head.

Officer Baldauf then continued to punch Ivery, who can be seen in the video trying to protect himself from the beating, trying to retreat.

Officer Baldauf then pins Dwayne Ivery down, where the beating continues.

At one point during the beating, RPD officer Baldauf stomps on Dwayne Ivery's head with his boot.

The whole time, Rochester, NY Police officer Ricky J. Harris Jr. stood by watching.

At no point in time intervening in the vicious beating of an nnocent man, by his partner,

Ivery, who was charged with aggravated harassment and resisting arrest, suffered multiple injuries as the result of RPD officer Baldauf's beating, including a fractured nose.

Home surveillance video captured Dwayne Ivery's beating
by Rochester, NY Police officer Alexander C. Baldauf.

Thanks to the power of video, the whole incident was captured on Mr. Ivery's home surveillance video system. (I have included the video below)

Ted Forsyth, of Rochester Indymedia and Enough is Enough, was first to report on this disturbing incident.

Forsyth sent me a press release announcing a press conference on Tuesday February 4, 2014, where Dwayne Ivery, along with his attorney, Charles F. Burkwit, will formally announce the filing of a lawsuit against the Rochester, NY Police department and the City of Rochester.

In addition to the Rochester Police department and the City of Rochester, the lawsuit names former RPD Chief James Sheppard as well as RPD officer Ricky J. Harris Jr.


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and her administration, including City Corporation Counsel T. Andrew Brown declined comment.

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