Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boone County, Kentucky Sheriff's Deputy Tyler Brockman Executes 19-Year Old Woman

Boone County, Kentucky Sheriff's deputy
Taylor Brockman
By Davy V.
Family, and friends of a 19-year old young woman shot and killed by a Boone County, Kentucky Sheriff's deputy are both saddened and outaged at her senseless killing.
The story that the Boone County Sheriff's department is trying to spin with the help of mainstream news media is that deputy Tyker Brockman, who was responding to a call for teens partying in a field, early Saturday morning around 2:00 a.m., had no choice but to shoot and kill Samantha Ramsey after he tried to get the young woman to stop her car.
Officials claim that Ramsey drove her car at deputy Brockman, forcing him onto her car's hood, where he then had no choice but to fire four fatal shots through Ramsey's windshield, killing her.
But deputy Brockman's dash cam video doesn't jive with that story.
Although the video doesn't show the moments where the Boone County Sheriff's department claims Ramsey drove at Brockman, or the moment when the trigger-happy cop executed an innocent, unarmed young woman, it shows something very interesting, as well as disturbing.
The dash cam video shows Ramsey driving her white car out of what appears to be a field, at a very slow rate of speed, not 'charging' in any way.
The video then shows deputy Brockman motioning to Ramsey to stop.
She doesn't.
She keeps driving, but in no way drives her vehicle at Brockman.
Instead the video shows Brockman walking towards the vehicle.
It shows Brockman putting himself in the vehicle's path.
And, although both Brockman, and Ramsey go off the camera's view, the fact that Brockman can be seen charging at the vehicle, putting himself in harms way combined with eye witnesses who were passengers in Ramsey's vehicle, and who said that at no time did Ramsey drive her vehicle at deputy Brockman, it's pretty clear that there was absolutely no need for deputy Brockman to take this young woman's life.
Sure, Ramsey should have stopped, but the fact that she kept driving, at what looks to be a very reasonable speed, a speed certainly not indicative of someone trying to run someone over, and the fact that deputy Brockman charged the vehicle, not the only way around, shows that deputy Brockman was not justified in shooting Ramsey.
Simply put, deputy Brockman created an unnecessary situation by putting himself in harms way, not the other way around.

Samantha Ramsey
Deputy Brockman, you had many choices that night.
The first was not to charge a vehicle.
The second was to shoot a tire out.
But instead you chose to take an innocent girl's life.
Of course, I'm sure it will be 'investigated' and deputy Brockman will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Photo of Glock
on Facebook page.
In a sick and extremely twisted, disturbing example of the 'brotherhood' code of supporting law enforcement officers and condoning a trigger-happy cop taking a young life, a Facebook page titled "Surviving The Streets: A Page For Cops" has not only allowed, but encouraged, the nastiest comments about Samantha Ramsey.
Comments such as "Good shot deputy!", and "Great job, I would have shot her too!" fill the page,

Chris Fisher, cop who runs the
"Surviving The Streets" Facebook page
and who tolerates disgusting comments
against Samantha Ramsey
The page is run by a Chris Fisher, an Alabama cop, whose own Facebook cover page features a photo of a Glock.
The "Survive The Streets" Facebook page features the motto "WOLFHUNTER. PROTECT THE FLOCK. HUNT THE WOLF."
Keep in mind, this is from a page whose mission is supposedly to support law enforcement.
The "About" section of the Facebook page reads "Cop-hating will not be tolerated."
The page does however tolerate disgusting, sick and hurtful comments about a young woman executed by a trigger-happy cop.
The comments speak for themselves.

Click Play to watch  raw dash cam video from Bonne County Sheriff's deputy Tyler Brockman's cruiser

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