Saturday, April 26, 2014

Buffalo, NY Police Raid Wrong House, Execute Orphan's 13-Year Old Pet Dog

Buffalo, NY Police Commissioner
Daniel Derenda
By Davy V.
In a series of raids targeting illegal dogfighting, Buffalo, NY Police mistakenly raided a home Friday, and executed an innocent family dog named "Ace", a boxer.
“At the end of the day, God sees and knows all. He rights all wrongs," said Diedra Patters.
Buffalo Police raided her home at 269 Lorina Street, and shot Ace dead.
Ace belonged to Deidra's niece, a 16-year old orphan, who suffers from medical issues.

Buffalo, NY Mayor
Byron Brown
Patters says that her niece and Ace have been inseparable since she was a child.
It is still unclear why police shot and killed the 13-year cold Ace, and not even Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda seems to know.
Derenda would only say that the dog must have attacked officers.
"Must have attacked officers?"
I don't know about you but it's never a good sign when a police commissioner doesn't have a clear explanation as to why a young girl's pet dig was executed by trigger-happy cops.
Sounds like the beginning of yet another coverup by the Buffalo, NY Police department, especially when to comes to executing an innocent family pet.
In June of 2013, Buffalo, NY cops raided the wrong apartment, when they smashed through Adam Arroyo's door, while Arroyo, an Iraq War veteran, was at work.
executed by Buffalo, NY Cops
in 2013

Buffalo cops executed Arroyo's pet dog Cindy, who was inside.
When Arroyo arrived none from work, he found his apartment door kicked in, and his kitchen walls splattered with Cindy's blood.
Next to a wall riddled with buckshots, was Cindy's collar.
Buffalo cops left Arroyo a note telling him where he could pick up his best friend's remains. 

Call Buffalo, NY Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda (716) 851-4526 or (716) 851-4571

Call Buffalo, NY Mayor Byron Brown (716) 851-4841

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