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Former Rochester, NY Police officer Clint Jackson, Who was Convicted of Sexually Abusing Women On Duty, Continues Preying on Females

Former Rochester, NY Police officer
Clint Jackson
By Davy V.

As a Rochester, NY Police officer, Clint Jackson loved to pull women over, and search them.

Instead of calling for a female officer to conduct extensive body searches, Jackson would rub the women's inner things, touch their crotch area and fondle their breasts.

In January of 2002, Rochester Police officer Clint Jackson was arrested and charged with 13 counts of Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree, after at least four female victims came forward.

At a press conference, then Rochester, NY Police Chief Robert Duffy, in full damage control mode, would only describe Jackson's actions as "inappropriately touching of females", while on duty.

Tally Ho
Duffy did however say that Jackson's acts were "outrageous", and that he was concerned concerned about other possible victims, urging them to come forward.

Eventually, more women did come forward, and Jackson, who had been terminated by the Rochester Police department, was convicted on a total of 15 counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Clint Jackson was sentenced to two years in prison.

Well, apparently, a failed career as a Rochester Police officer, the embarrassment of being publicly shamed, disappointing his own father, a former Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy, and serving time in prison, hasn't changed Clint Jackson one bit.

According to a professional dancer, Jackson, whose family owns Jackson Guns and Ammo, and who works as a DJ and bouncer at Rick's Tally Ho, on East Henrietta Rd., and as a DJ at The Mirage on West Ridge Rd. has sexually harassed her, as well as other dancers at both clubs.

"He actually has had dozens of serious complaints to management about him sexually harassing the dancers.

The woman told me that Jackson regularly tells women, "Look, if you suck my dick in the parking lot, I won't tell them I found weed in your purse." 

"He treats girls horribly when they're on the job, giving them a hard time after being rejected to give them rides home," the woman said.

"The girls have complained over the past few years that he tries to touch their buttocks in the DJ booth and that he constantly harasses them, asking them questions about their personal life."

The woman says Jackson will tell dancers, many of them, including herself who are in committed relationships, "If you ever need a new man, I'll be happy to step right in."

So what, of anything does the club management or owners have to say about Jackson sexually harassing, and touching women?

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, says that Jackson has been warned that he didn't get the job to harass the women, but that unless they have something on video of him doing something physically, then they can't fire him.

"He (Jackson) seems to be very on the down low when he does speak inappropriate to the women," the woman told me, adding, "I've seen girls in tears after he's threatened to have them fired if they don't do sexual favors for him."

I wonder what else Clint Jackson did to women while he was a Rochester Police officer.

I wonder how many women never came forward out of fear for their lives.

One thing for sure is Clint Jackson hasn't changed.


Within minutes of me posting this story, Kimberly and Beck of the Kimberly & Beck show on Rochester, NY's 98.9 The Buzz, featured it on their show.

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