Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon Appears in Court to Answer DWI Charge (VIDEO)

Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor
Leonard Redon's mugshot
By Davy V.
Two things I can almost guarantee would NOT happen if YOU, I or your loved one were to be pulled over, by New York State Police, or any other law enforcement agency, for speeding, having an expired inspection sticker on our car, and driving drunk, with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .13, nearly twice the legal limit.
First of all, neither I, nor YOU would receive the courtesy of being issued an appearance ticket, to spare us from spending the night in jail.
And second, you can bet that at our first court appearance, there would be next to no discussion of a plea bargain.
At the very least, if there was any mention of a plea bargain, it certainly wouldn't be initiated by the judge.
But when you're second in charge of Rochester, NY, well, let's just say you're treated much different than the average tax paying citizen.
Take, for instance, Rochester, NY deputy mayor Leonatd Redon, who was pulled over by New York State Police Wednesday March 19th around 11:30 p.m. on interstate 490 in Rochester.
Redon, who was drunk, and who according to New York State Police, had an blood alcohol level of .13, nearly twice the legal limit, was charged with DWI, speeding, and driving with an expired inspection sticker on his car.
Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon
walks to court with his attorney.

photo: Davy V.
Even though Rochester, NY Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon put countless innocent lives at risk driving drunk, and speeding, New York State Police extended the Deputy Mayor a courtesy, which would NEVER be extended to me or YOU.
New York State Police issued Redon an appearance ticket.
In other words, a Stay Out of Jail card.
Last Tuesday, Redon was scheduled to appear in court, however his appearance was rescheduled for Thursday morning.
In court, Redon surrendered his drivers license, which was nothing more than a slick move on his attorney's part, in order to gain his client some empathy from the court.
And it worked.
Rochester City Court Judge Mel Castro encouraged both sides to try to work on a plea deal, which is almost unheard of in a DWI case, on the first appearance in court.
But again, when you're a politician in a position of power, and your attorney is one of the top DWI attorneys on the country, this is what happens.
Talks of a plea deal on the first court appearance.
And as far as Rpchester, NY deputy mayor Leonard Redon surrendering his license?
He lives one block from Rochester City Hall.
It's a very short walk.
Smart move, until it all blows over.
And it will.
It always does.

Click Play below to see video where I ask Rochester deputy mayor Leonard Redon some questions on his way to court.

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