Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's Spokeswoman Christine Christopher,Refuses to Answer Question; Is the Rochester, NY Police Department Targeting Bicyclists? (VIDEO)

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's
Spokeswoman Christine Christopher
stares me down.

Photo by Davy V.
By Davy V.

In April of 2013, just over a year ago, former Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, declared war on citizens constitutional rights.

Specifically the fourth amendment, which protects citizens from illegal search and seizures.


Well, as part of the Rochester Police department's "Zero Tolerance", and "Operation Cool Down" initiatives, where Rochester Police officers basically stop whomever they choose, wherever they choose, whenever they choose, without any probable cause, with the hopes that they'll get lucky and find a firearm, or narcotics, or a wanted fugitive, Sheppard warned bicyclists.

"If you're riding a bike and it doesn't have a bell, we're going to stop you," Sheppard said, adding, "If it doesn't have lights, we're going to stop you."

Wednesday morning, the City of Rochester, NY kicked off bike week 2014 with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Yello Haus bike shop, located at 987 Monroe Avenue.

Alex Wirth (left) gets ready to cut ribbon
in front of his bike shop, Yellow Haus Bicycles,
987 Monroe Avenue.
Photo by Davy V.
A City official read a proclamation from mayor Lovely Warren, who was noticeably absent.

The proclamation reads:

"Rochester is a bicycle friendly city that is committed to expanding its bicycle infrastructure and supporting the growing small business opportunities from the bicycle industry," Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren writes.

Bike friendly huh?

That's interesting, given Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard's threats to bicyclists just over a year ago.

After Rochester, NY City Councilwoman Elaine Spaull was done talking, I informed her that I had a question for Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's spokeswoman Christine Christopher.

Councilwoman Spaull told me that Christopher would answer my question as soon as the ribbon cutting was over.

Then, almost immediately, Christopher whispered something in a City official's ear, and faster than you can say corrupt politicians, the man started to dismantle the podium which had been set up on the sidewalk, and disconnecting the audio cables from the speaker.

"No, I'd like Spokeswoman Christopher to answer my question from the podium, with the audio on please," I told the man.

The man, who clearly did not like my comment, then began to set the podium up again.

And let's just say that Christine Christopher wasn't feeling that.

In fact, you can see for yourself, the look on Christopher's face, in the short video I took of her. (First video below)

Then, make sure to check out the second video where Christine Christopher would not answer my question.

Is the Rochester, NY Police department targeting bicyclists? 

Click Play to watch City of Rochester Spokeswoman Christine Christopher's frustration!

Click Play to watch City of Rochester Spokeswoman Christine Christopher refusing to answer a simple question... Is the Rochester, NY Police department targeting bicyclists?

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