Friday, May 2, 2014

Rochester, NY Police officer Threatens Me With Assault Rifle

Rochester, NY Police officer brandishes assault rifle
By Davy V.

Rochester, NY Police officers are never too happy when I exercise my first amendment right to photograph and video record them.

Most of the time they avoid me like the plague.

Other times, as can be seen in the videos on my YouTube channel, they are visibly nervous and uncomfortable whenever I've video recorded them.

Is his finger on the trigger?

RPD officer stares me down
for taking photos.
They have walked away from me, sped off, and done just about anything they can in order to avoid being photographed or video recorded.

But they have never threatened me.

Until today.

I don't often visit my old Child Street neighborhood.

There's really no need to.

The house I grew up in was torn down and has been replaced by yet another vacant city lot, where broken bottles lay on the dirt floor, and wooden posts form a barrier outlining where my home used to sit.

But today I did visit.

I decided to drive by the Campbell Street recreation center, where I spent my youth playing softball.

As I turned on Campbell Street, I noticed a black Rochester, NY Police department armored vehicle parked on the side of the RPD's Special Operations Division, located at 261 Child Street.

One of the original photos I took
of RPD armored vehicle.

I pulled my car over to the side, parked, then took some photos of the armored personnel vehicle.

Then, as I was pulling off, I heard someone yell, "Hey!"

When I turned around I noticed a Rochester, NY Police officer, fully dressed in camouflage gear.

The officer then looked at me, motioned his head back as if to say 'What's up?', then lifted up a black, assault rifle then laughed.

Thinking I had my camera set to 'record', I realized it was set to 'photo' mode, so I snapped several photos.

As you can see in the photo on the right, the Rochester Police officer can be seen in the doorway, holding up the assault rifle, staring me down.

Can you imagine if you or I brandished a firearm at a police officer?

What do you think would happen?

I immediately called 911 and asked that a supervisor call me.

No one has yet.

I will be updating this post.

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