Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rochester, NY Police officer's Father Handcuffed by Greece, NY Police After Getting into Accident While Rushing his Daughter to Hospital

Rochester, NY Police officer
Felicia Gilchrist
By Davy V.
Imagine this.
Your child is in pain and you're rushing them to a hospital emergency room.
On the way there, you get into an accident.
Then, as your child is dying, you are handcuffed by police, who keep you from your dying child.
That's exactly what happened to Rochester, NY Police officer Felicia Gilchrist's father, Tuesday night, when he ran a red light at the intersection of Long Pond and Latta Roads, in Greece, NY, and was hit by another vehicle, as he was rushing his daughter to Park Ridge Hospital.
In what has to be the most disgusting, example of adding insult to injury, Greece, NY cops twisted officer Gilchrist's father's arms, and handcuffed him, while his daughter lay dying.
"They placed the handcuffs on him tight," a very emotional Nikki Dennis said, referring to the Greece, NY cops.
"The handcuffs were so tight that they left marks on his wrists."
According to Greece, NY Police, officer Gilchrist's father was "highly emotional", and officers were "trying to control his movements."
"Highly emotional"?
"Trying to control his movements"?
Of course he was emotional.
He raced to his daughter's side, and then was rushing her to the hi spiral, when he crashed, then saw his daughter dying!
Shame on the Greece, NY Police department and Chief Patrick Phelan.
It doesn't get any lower than to handcuff a father, while his daughter is slipping away.
May Greece, NY Police Chief Patrick Phelan, or any of his rogue, insensitive, and unprofessional cops never have to feel what officer Gilchrist's father felt.
Seeing his daughter dying.
With his hands handcuffed behind his back.
Not even being able to hold, or kiss her.
Shame on the Greece, NY Police department.
God Bless Rochester Police officer Felicia Gilchrist.

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