Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Monroe County, NY Law Enforcement Completely Ignores, Blows Off My Tip on Possible Highway Shooter


This is the photo Monroe County, NY law enforcement
didn't even care to see.
By Davy V.

Here's a reminder, as if I need one, of why I have zero respect for law enforcement.

Since April, Monroe County, NY law enforcement agencies, or as I will from now on refer to them as Keystone Cops, have been unable to find the person, or persons responsible for a series of disturbing incidents in which motorists have had their vehicle windows struck by objects, possibly bullets, BB's, or pellets.

In total, there have been at least 13 reported incidents since late April,  the most recent, a school bus which was struck in Gates, NY, while carrying children back from a field trip.

Wednesday evening, around 7:30 p.m., I was driving with my son down Lyell Avenue in Gates, when I observed an individual walking, just east of the I-390 overpass.

Interestingly, this was the same location where less than two hours earlier, Rochester news media had aired reports that the shooter, or shooters, may actually be using a bicycle path trail adjacent to the Barge Canal, less than two blocks from where I observed this individual.

A white male, close to 6 foot tall, wearing a camouflage type soldier cap, carrying a large backpack on his shoulders, with a black, long, and narrow, tube-shaped case, which looked like it could house a rifle barrel possibly enclosed in some sort of case, protruding from the back pack, extending about a foot above his head.

The individual was looking down below the overpass at cars that drove by on Intestate 390.

I told my son to grab my ipad, and to take a photo of the man.

He did.

My next thought was to call 911 and report what we had seen.

Now this is where I faced a dilemma.

Not trusting law enforcement, I thought about it.

But then I thought about just how much the reports of a possible shooter, taking aim at innocent motorists, such as myself, on highways and roads which I frequently travel, had affected me.

So much so, that I am literally finding myself taking alternate routes, to avoid the same highways where many of the incidents gave occurred.

Then I dialed 911.

During the standard 50 questions they ask, several times I told the dispatcher that I had a photo, and would either meet, or send the photo to any law enforcement agency.

"Someone will definitely be contacting you," the dispatcher told me, as she once again asked me to repeat where exactly we saw the man.

Well, let's just say, I really hope that man that we saw, was not a shooter.


At all.

I sat in the car with my son, with the photo, ready to show police.

No one showed up.

No one called.

I can't even begin to put into words, how disgusted I am with law enforcement.

To know that perhaps me and my son were just feet away from a disturbed person who is playing target practice on our roadways, putting innocent lives at risk, and to not only not have police show up to check it out, but for police not to even call, and inquire about the photo, is extremely disturbing.

Even my son asked me, "Why aren't they coming?"

Maybe if I would have said the suspect was a male black, or Latino, they would have sent the Calvary.

Perhaps upon seeing who called, a police accountability activist, they just decided to blow it off.

Shame on Monroe County, NY law enforcement.

Or as I will from now on refer to them... Keystone Cops.

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