Monday, June 2, 2014

Months After Being Brutally Beaten by Rochester, NY Police officers, For Video Recording, Man Finds the Courage to Speak Out About Horrific Incident

Mark Schrothh
after being brutally beaten, and tased by Rochester, NY cops.
By Davy V.

Last December I exposed a violent beating that Mark Schrothh suffered at the hands of those whose job it is to Protect and Serve--the Rochester, NY Police Department.

Schrothh was beaten so bad by several members of Rochester's biggest gang, that as you can see by looking at the photo, he was left beyond recognition.

The vicious beating took place December 8, 2013 at O'Callaghan's Pub located on Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY.

What's even more disturbing is that Mark Schrothh was simply an innocent bystander, who chose to exercise his first amendment right to video record an incident involving Rochester Police officers which he was not even a part of.

Below is a description of the traumatic experience Mark Schrothh endured at the hands of several rogue Rochester, NY cops.

Or, as a like to call them, thugs in uniform.

Here it is, in Mark Schrothh's own words.

"So as many of you may know, I was involved in a terrible situation on December 8, 2013 outside of O'Cals on Monroe Avenue. 

There was an altercation where the police were called to respond to a fight that I was not involved in. 

I was standing filming the attacks with my phone when I was harassed and pepper sprayed by police while being on the sidewalk. 

I was told that if I said another word, which I said very few of, I would be arrested. 

I said I was sorry and started to walk away, which is when an arm was wrapped around my throat from behind and I was tacked onto my chest. I was held down to tne ground by multiple cops and was beaten brutally. 

I got baton whips against my legs, punched repeatedly in the sides of my face and head and was shot with a taser twice while being held against the ground. 

I was then placed in hand cuffs, but because I was beaten so badly, I was sent to the hospital. I sat there for four hours while honey assessed me and then released me at around 6am. 

While sitting there I had to be accompanied by the very officers that beat me, and before they left I was asked if I learned my lesson. 

I guess I have, in a way. I can now say though, that after getting a lawyer and fighting a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest, which I don't know how I could have resisted while being forcefully held against the ground and beaten, but anyways, it's been a long  5-6 months and I am proud to say that it is OVER! 

I had to accept a charge of disorderly conduct, but am not facing any other issues or fines and I do not gave a misdemeanor on my record. 

Let my experience be a lesson to you.

My trust and belief that the cops are here to serve and protect is broken and most likely will never be repaired, but hey you live and learn. 

This whole situation has given me a lot to think about and has helped me in losing weight and becoming healthier inside and out. I want to thank everyone who has been there with me through this journey and express my highest gratitude fir standing by me and helping me. 

It means a lot to have people care about you and show that you are loved.

I'm  glad this matter is behind me and that I can move on with my life.

Happy to still be here and ready to make the best of this crazy situation. 

Much love everyone!"

- Mark Schrothh

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