Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monroe County, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work; Monroe County Sheriff's Commander Dave Phelps Drives Official Police Interceptor Vehicle to Golf Tournament

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Commander
Dave Phelps
By Davy V.

If you live in Monroe County, NY, the next time you bitch about paying your county taxes, just think of all the good uses YOUR TAX DOLLARS are being put to.

For example, did you know that YOUR TAX DOLLARS are paying for Monroe County, NY law enforcement officials to attend golf tournaments, not in any official capacity, but instead for personal enjoyment?

And did you know that while you are working your tail off just to out good on the table and pay for a roof for you and your family, YOUR TAX DOLLARS are paying for the gas these officials burn, again, for personal recreation?

Well you are.

Take, for example, Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office Commander Dave Phelps.

Tuesday afternoon, MCSO Commander Dave Phelps attended the Greater Rochester Realtors Association Golf Tournament held at Ravenwood Golf Club located at 929 Lynaugh Rd. in Victor, NY.

While Commander Phelps appeared to be off duty, it's what Commander Dave Phelps drove to play golf that caught the attention of a Monroe County taxpayer.

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Commander Dave Phelps drove his black, official use only, Chevy Impala police interceptor.

According to the man who contacted me, who asked to remain anonymous, Commander Phelp's vehicle stood out.

"I saw Commander Dave Phelps and it just didn't look right  that he drove his official police vehicle to play golf," the man said, adding, "I mean he wasn't there on police business, he's playing golf, why should taxpayers have to pay for that?"

Monroe County, NY Executive Maggie Brooks
at Golf Tournament.
"He's not supposed to use his official police vehicle for recreation."

The man told me that since he was on the golf course he didn't have his cellphone with him, otherwise he would have taken photos.

He also said that Commander Dave Phelps was at Ravenwood Golf Club from 12 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and that Commander Phelps was playing in a foursome tournament team which included retired Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy Rick Cognota, realtor David Rose, and another man.

Monroe County, NY Executive Maggie Brooks
chattin' it up!
If you're wondering whether Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks would take issue with Commander Phelps' misuse of taxpayer dollars, I'm guessing she doesn't care.

You see, while the man who contacted me was not able to take any photos of Commander Phelps, a visit to the Greater Rochester Realtors Association Facebook page yielded an interesting find.

Photos of Monroe County, NY Executive Maggie Brooks.

At the golf tournament.

So there you have it Monroe County, NY taxpayers, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. 

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