Friday, August 29, 2014

Woman Takes Photo of Rochester, NY Police officer Asleep Behind the Wheel; "He had shades on and he was asleep."

This is the photo a woman took of a
Rochester, NY Police officer
who she says was asleep inside his parked cruiser. 
By Davy V.

A Rochester, New York woman on her way to her business Thursday around noon, did a double take when she saw something she couldn't believe, while stopped at a traffic light.

A Rochester, NY Police officer asleep behind the wheel of his cruiser.

"I happened to look over to my right and the officer's head dropped, then he laid his head back, he was nodding out," said the woman, who asked me not to publish her name out of fear of retaliation by the Rochester Police Department.

"He had shades on and was asleep, he didn't move at all," the woman told me via a phone interview.

"He was sleeping."

The woman said that since there were no cars behind her while she was waiting for the light at the intersection of East Main Street and Gibbs Street, in downtown Rochester, she actually remained stopped through a complete light cycle, to confirm if in fact the Rochester Police officer was asleep, before she took the photo.

Rochester, NY Police officer
with his head slumped to the side.

The woman said it was then, after seeing the RPD officer's head involuntarily drop several times, then slump to the side against the door of his cruiser, that she took the photo.

Although the photo clearly seems to support the woman's account, as it shows a Rochester, NY Police officer with his head slumped to the side, wearing shades, even though he is parked in the shade, the number of the RPD cruiser is a bit blurry.

It appears to be Rochester, NY Police cruiser 'D-40'.

After calling a Monroe County dispatcher, in an attempt to identify the officer, and being placed on hold for several minutes, I was told that they could not release any information.

"Everything is confidential here, and we're not supposed to give out any information," the dispatcher told me.

So there you have it, Rochester, NY, YOUR taxpayer dollars at work.

Asleep at the wheel.

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