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Rochester, NY Cop Shot and Killed (UPDATED)

Rochester, NY Police officer
Daryl R. Pierson 
By Davy V.

For decades, the Rochester, NY Police department has been executing innocent citizens.

In June of 2012, 20-year old Israel 'Izzy' Andino was shot by 7 Rochester, NY cops in what witnesses referred to as a modern day fring squad execution.

Andino, who was mentally-ill, was killed on his 20th birthday.

After being killed by trigger happy Rochester Police Sgt. Aaron Colletti, Sgt. Mike Nicholls, Officer Antonio Gonzalez, Officer Brian Cala, Officer Greg Karnes, Officer Onasis Socol, and Officer Eluid Rodriguez, Izzy's cold, dead body lay on a blood soaked sidewalk, uncovered for almost 8 hours, while Rochester Police officers cracked jokes, as they repeatedly stepped over his corpse.

According to Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, a Rochester, NY Police officer was shot Wednesday night, around 9:25 p.m., near Hudson Avenue and Warsaw Street, on Rochester's northeast side.

That officer, who was rushed to the hospital, died during surgery.

Rochester, NY Police Chief Ciminelli, who would not release the officer's name, would only describe the incident as "an exchange of gunfire" between a suspect and the RPD officer.

At a press conference at Rochester General Hospital, Ciminelli said an innocent bystander was also shot.

Ciminelli would not say who shot the innocent bystander.

The last time a Rochester Police officer was killed in the line of duty was 1959.

Perhaps now, the Rochester, NY Police department, including the 7 trigger-happy cops who executed Izzy Andino, are feeling the pain of losing a loved one.

Just like Izzy's family did.


Rochester, NY Police officials have released the name of the officer shot and killed last night.

That officer has been identified as 32-year old Daryl R. Pierson, an 8-year veteran of the Rochester, NY Police department.

Pierson was assigned to the RPD's Tactical Unit.

The Rochester, NY Police department's Tactical Unit is the most corrupt division within the RPD.


The RPD's story:

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli released more information regarding the shooting death of Rochester Police officer Daryl Pierson.
In typical Rochester, NY Police spin control fashion, Chief Ciminelli seemed hellbent on getting his department's story out via Rochester's corporate-America run mainstream news media.
So again, here's what happened, according to the Rochester, NY Police department.
Around 9:20 p.m. Wednesday night, Rochester, NY Police officer Daryl Pierson, along with his partner, officer Michael DiPaola, spotted Thomas Johnson III, who was wanted for violating his parole.
Initially, both RPD officers saw Johnson and another person in a vehicle on Hudson Avenue.
Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said that when officers approached the vehicle, whoever was with Johnson, was now gone.
According to Ciminelli, Johnson took off running which then led to a brief foot chase with officer Pierson chasing Johnson, before Johnson shot officer Pierson with a .25 caliber handgun.
Ciminelli then said that at that time, both officer Pierson, as well as Johnson, fell to the ground, and it was then that Ciminelli says a second shot was discharged by Johnson, which struck an innocent bystander.
RPD Chief Ciminelli said that Johnson then took off running, before being shot and apprehended by officer DiPaola.
Asked several times my reporters to elaborate on exactly how it was that both officer Pierson and Johnson fell to the ground, Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelly began to sound like a broken record.
"I'm not going to comment on that," Ciminelli said.

Rochester, NY Police department's Tactical Unit:

Officer Daryl Pierson was a member of the Rochester, NY Police department's Tactical Section.
The Tactical Section, also commonly referred to as the Tactical Unit, or Division, has a long reputation of abusing and beating citizens.
The RPD's Tactical Unit is also known for shaking down drug dealers, often taking cash and drugs from suspects, and keeping the drugs and the money, which officers will then split among themselves,
In fact, many times, Rochester Police Tactical Unit officers will regularly shake down and extort known drug dealers, threatening to arrest and charge dealers if they don't pay officers 'rent'.
The message to drug dealers is clear--if you deal drugs on Rochester streets, you better pay your rent to select RPD cops, especially cops from the Tactical Unit, or be arrested.

One of my readers from from California, summed it up best.

"Police tactical units are like an underground terrorist organization."


According to neighbors in the Hudson Avenue neighborhood where Rochester, NY Police officer Daryl Pierson was shot, RPD officials have threatened them if they come forward with what they are saying really happened.

That Rochester Police officer Daryl Pierson was shot and killed by his own partner, RPD officer Mike DiPaola.

Myself, I never believed Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli's story.

I will be updating this piece soon.

Click link below to read my original piece on Rochester, NY Police execution of Izzy Andino.

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