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Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati Fired Over Racist Facebook Posts... But Retires Before he's Fired?


Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati

Update April 17, 2015


Just when we all thought that the story surrounding Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati and his racist posts attacking African-Americans and Mexicans was over, there's another twist.

On April 9th, Irondequoit, NY Town Supervisor Adam Bello announced that he was terminating Detectve Jim Frascati.

At that time, Jm Frascati had eight days to respond.

And, because he is a civil service employee, Frascati also had the right to a hearing, under Article 75 of the Civil Service Law.

But now Jim Frascati announced that he will be retiring.

Oh well.

Either way, there's one less dirty cop out on the streets.

Good riddance Detective Frascati.

NOTE: You can read my original piece when I broke the story roght here on my blog, by scrolling down.

Update from April 9, 2015


Three weeks to the date, after I was the first to expose Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati, right here on my blog, for racist posts he posted on his Facebook page, Frascati has been fired.

The Town's investigation found that Detective Frascati did in fact write racist posts on his facebook page attacking First Lady Michelle Obama, President Obama, and Mexicans.

After the Irondequoit, NY Town Board passed a resolution giving Town Supervisor Adam Bello authorization to fire Detective Jim Frascati over the racist Facebook posts, Supervisor Adam Bello did just that.

Jim Frascati was immediately taken of the Town's payroll.

Irondequoit, NY Town Supervisor Adam Bello denounced Frascati's actions, saying Frascati's behavior is not a reflection of the Town, calling the posts "highly offensive" and "inappropriate."

"The results of the investigation showed that highly offensive and inappropriate comments were posted by a member of our police force," said Supervisor Bello.

"Tonight, the town board took action by authorizing the filing of disciplinary charges, including all steps necessary to terminate the employee in accordance with procedures outlined under applicable New York State laws and collective bargaining agreements. Under the filing of disciplinary charges, the employee will no longer receive compensation."

As for Detective Frascati's actions and conduct as a law enforcement officer, Supervisor Bello said the following.

"They are sworn to uphold an oath and they agree to live and conduct themselves in a way that does not interfere with the discharge of their duties," said Bello, adding, "I think this is a lesson that we take that seriously. We take that oath seriously. We take that agreement seriously."

So what happens next?

The Town of Irondequoit will serve Jim Frascati with a termination notice.

Frascati has eight days to respond.

But because he is a civil service employee, he has the right to a hearing.

Once he receives the notice of termination, he can accept the termination, or ask for the civil service hearing, which he has a right to per Article 75 of the Civil Service law.

Irondequoit Town Supervisor Adam Bello made it clear that he is terminating Frascati.



Stephen Cusenz, Deputy Director City of Rochester, NY 911 Center
Photo Credit: Shawn Dowd Rochester D&C 

By Davy V. 

So just how deep does Monroe County, NY law enforcement's "Good Ol' Boys Club" roots run?

Well, how about this.

If you take a look at the third screenshot, below Detective Frascati's photo below, you'll see a post by Jim Frascati about Mexicans.

Check out the comment by "Sp Cuz".

"They probably gave your toothpaste to the Mexicans! Now... they can use the EBT cards for beer."

So who is "Sp Cuz"?

None other than Stephen Cuszens, the Deputy Director of the City of Rochester, NY's 911 Center.

Wednesday afternoon, (March 25th) Stephen Cusenz, the Deputy Director of the City of Rochester, NY's Emergency Communications Services (911), was suspended for five days without pay, after admitting that he did in fact post a racist comment on Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati's racist post about Mexicans.

In a statement, City of Rochester officials had this to say regarding their suspension of Stephen Cusenz:

"Although the post was made on his personal account and outside of his work hours, the Department determined that as Deputy Director, he would be held accountable for his professional and personal actions at a higher level than other rank and file employees."

(Full City of Rochester, NY statement can be seen below.)

As part of his suspension, City of Rochester officials also ordered that Cusenz take diversity training classes.

Stephen Cusenz has deactivated his Facebook account.

Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati deactivated his Facebook account shortly after I exposed him right here on my blog.

So not only do we have Jim Frascati, a cop with obvious racist views, patrolling a diverse town, but now we also have Stephen Cusenz, the Deputy Director of Monroe County, NY's 911 center, a person who oversees all the calls that come in for emergencies, from persons of all races, rooting Frascati on, and as a result, supporting and approving disturbing, racist views, even posting disturbing comments himself.

So what's taking Irondequoit, NY Town Supervisor Afam Bello and Irindequoit Police Chief Richard Tantalo so long to complete their "investigation"?


Tuesday evening, Rochester, NY's Time Warner Cable YNN News channel reported Wednesday morning that Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati spoke with them via phone and said the incident "was completely blown out of proportion and exaggerated."


YNN News also reported that Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati said he is "eager to share his side of the story once the investigation is complete."

In other words, once Jim Frascati, Irondequoit, NY Police Chief Richard Tantalo, and Irondequoit, NY Town Supervisor Adam Bello get their "story" together.

Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati has been suspended, placed on "administrative leave", pending an "investigation."

In other words, a paid vacation.

So just like many others, I eagerly await the Irondequoit, NY Police Department's "investigation" to be complete.

Well, that's if any "investigation" ever REALLY even began.

You see, as many others, I know just how dirty, corrupt and racist the Irondequoit, NY Police Department is.

And, like many others, I don't trust ANY law enforcement agency who "investigates" themselves.

Especially when that police agency is "investigating" one of their own top cops. 

Detective Jim Frascati.


The "Good Ol' Boys Club" is alive and well in Monroe County, NY.



By Davy V.

Since I broke the story about Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati here on this blog, I've received several emails from taxpayers.

Many emails from Irondequoit, NY residents, who are disgusted with, as many have referred to Irondequoit, NY top cop Jim Frascati, "a dirty cop."

One email in particular from a Monroe County, NY taxpayer, who is disgusted with the fact that not only is Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati paid with taxpayer dollars, but also that Jim Frascati is collecting taxpayer dollars through his security guard business, Swoop 1 Inc.

You see, Jim Frascati's Swoop 1 business, which employs law enforcement officers from different police agencies, including the Rochester, NY Police Department, has multiple contracts with public schools.

And public schools means public dollars.

Taxpayer dollars.

YOUR dollars.

"This cop is really cashing in on the taxpayer when you see all the schools his business contracts for," the person writes in their email to me.

I have decided to keep the taxpayer, who fears retaliation from the Irondequoit, NY Police Department, anonymous.

Here's a list of some of Jim Frascati's Swoop 1 Security business contracts.

-East Irondequoit, NY School District

- Spencerport School District

- East Rochester, NY School District

- Fairport School District

- Bishop Kearney School 

- Rochester Institute of Technology College (R.I.T.)

- CMAC Concerts

The person who emailed me asks a great question.

"I wonder if the School Superintendents from these schools are even aware that they are contracting with this guy."

Me too.

I wonder if these schools have even made the connection and realized that the individual who they contract to oversee students of diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds, is Jim Frascati.



By Davy V.

Irondequoit, NY is a town with a population of approx. 52,000 which borders the city of Rochester, in upstate, New York.

The Irondequoit town line begins just beyond Rochester's northeast side, a part of the city with a Latino population which numbers about 30,000.

For years the Irondequoit, NY Police Department has engaged in racially profiling Latino and African-American motorists who cross into their town.

In fact, Irondequoit, NY Police officers regularly park their cruisers just north of the town line, where they wait for innocent, unsuspecting minorities to drive into Irondequoit.

Irondequoit Police officers refer to this as "Border Patrol."

It's a well known term used among Itondequoit Police officers to let each other know where they'll be positioned to profile, then stop Latinos and African-Americans.

It's also a very well known fact that the Irondequoit, NY Police Department is one of the most racist police forces around.

Which is why I wasn't really surprised when I received an email Thursday afternoon from a "John Doe".

The email was a tip to me about a specific member of the Irondequoit, NY Police Department.

Irondequoit, NY Police investigator Jim Frascati.

The person who sent me the email expressed their disappointment in the fact that investigator Frascati posts disturbing and racist comments on Facebook, even some directed at President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

In one post which IPD investigator Jim Frascati posted on his facebook page, he goes on a rant directed at President Obama and Benghazi.

Frascati writes, "Since I am in the field of solving crimes, here is my suggestion: Mr. Obama Look in the mirror and you solved the crime you piece of shot, yes, that idiot you see in the mirror is the person you're looking for. Grab yourself you piece of shit and turn yourself on, come to itondequoit, Love to process you personally."

Under that same post, investigator Frascati later writes; "listen to this, Facebook threatened to shut me out because of my messages. What happened to my first amendment? I guess some democrats don't like my point of view :( NOT!"

In another post, a photo (above) shows what appears to be a group of African women holding what appears to be bamboo sticks, while engaging in some sort of a tribal dance.

Below the photo, Irondequoit Police investigator Jim Frascati writes; "Michelle Obama's class reunion."

Investigator Jim Frascati, who also owns Irondequoit International Travel agency, located at 516 Titus Avenue, in Irondequoit, NY, as well as Swoop 1, a security guard business which he runs out of the same location as his travel agency, also posts several disturbing rants about Mexicans.

Jim Frascati's facebook page hosts a variety of disturbing comments and photos, including a photo of an African-African female police officer eating fried chicken.

In the email, the person who emailed me the tip, writes;

"Really, that's how a law enforcement officer represents himself?"

Tne person also explained that investigator Frascati is close friends with Irondequoit, NY Police Chief Richard Tantalo.

On Irondequoit Police investigator Jim Frascati's Facebook page, Chief Tantalo's wife, Jeannine Tantalo comments "LOL!" on his disturbing posts.

Here's my take on this.

Like I said earlier, I'm not surprised at any of this.

Are there prejudiced cops?

Of course.

Are there racist cops?


I don't know Irondequoit Police investigator Jim Frascati.

But what I do know is that from seeing investigator Frascati's posts, I find it extremely disturbing that investigator Frascati is a law enforcement officer.

He, as all law enforcement officers, took a sworn oath.

And with that oath, there's a code of ethics.

A code of ethics which law enforcement officers must abide by.

A code of ethics which in part reads;

"I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all."

Which, Irondequoit Police investigator Jim Frascati is clearly not adhering to.


"I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices,
animosities or friendships to influence my decisions."

Which, Irondequoit Police investigator Jim Frascati is clearly not abiding by.


"I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I
accept it as a public trust to be held as long as I am true to the ethics
of the police service."

Which again. Irondequoit Police investigator Jim Frascati is clearly not adhering to.

In other words, I find it extremely disturbing that an individual who has been 
entrusted to protect and serve ALL CITIZENS, irregardless of race, an individual 
who is permitted to carry a gun, an individual with the power to arrest, and in 
the case of investigator Frascati specifically, let me be clear here, he is an 
investigator, not just a patrol officer, meaning Irondequoit Police investigator 
Jim Frascati conducts investigations.

And in some investigations, the victim, the suspect, or in some cases both, are
African-American, or Latino.

Clearly, judging by investigator Jim Frascati's behavior, he has some serious issues.

And I don't think he should be employed as a law enforcement officer.

But of course, being that Irondequoit Police Chief Richard Tantalo is pretty tight
with Jimmy boy, we know nothing will come of this.

Other than my exposing Jim Frascati.

As for Detective Jim Frascati boldly and openly posting disturbing racist posts and 
comments on social media?

Well, perhaps Rochester, NY resident Jesus Curbelo sums it up best.

"They're not even trying to hide how they feel anymore," says Curbelo.

They sure aren't.


Irondequoit, NY Police Detective Jim Frascati

More posts from Jim Frascati's facebook page

Jeannine Tantalo, Irondequoit, NY Police Chief Richard Tantalo's wife
comments "lol!" on Detective Jim Frascati's post about Mexicans.

Jim Fracasti's travel agency, Irondequoit International Travel and Tours.

Jim Frascati's security guard business, Swoop 1 

Contact Irondequoit, NY Police Chief Richard Tantalo

Irondequoit, NY Police Chief Richard Tantalo

Contact Irondequoit, NY Town Supervisor Adam J. Bello

Irondequoit, NY Town Supervisor Adam J. Bello


That's me on the right with my dad Mario Vara, and Judge Provenzano
when my dad became a U.S. citizen.


For the past 20 years my work has centered around exposing police misconduct and corruption.

Most recently, I exposed an Irondequoit, NY Police Detective, Jim Frascati, for posting disturbing racist posts on social media against African-Americans and Mexicans.

As a result of my exposing Detective Frascati right here on this blog, he was fired, and a 911 Deputy Director was suspended without pay after he also posted racist comments on Detective Frascati's original post.

As an activist, my goal is to put a spotlight on incidents which mainstream news media often ignores.

So why do I do this, you may ask?

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After moving the family to Rochester, NY, my father realizes that despite the promises of freedom and liberty that a life in America can bring, the harsh reality is that there are many injustices as well.

In fact, my dad would soon face very similar 'police state' tactics, as the ones he escaped his homeland for in the first place.

"A Promise to My Dad" highlights an incident in the 1980's, when Rochester Police officers Mark Mariano and Randall Benjamin kicked down the family's door, illegally entering our home, terrorizing me and my family at gunpoint.

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Unlike many Americans who take their rights for granted, my dad took a stand to denounce law enforcement violating U.S. citizen's civil rights.

Having lived a communist dictatorship, my dad knew all too well what it was like to live in a totalitarian police state, where simply expressing one's dislike for Castro and his government could land you in prison.

My dad was passionate in his denouncement of rogue cops abusing and violating citizen's civil rights in the U.S.

As a teen, I would tag  along with my dad accompanying him to community meetings, rallies, and marches where he, along with other citizens demanded accountability from those whose job is to serve and protect, as well as the elected officials whose job it is to keep them in check.

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