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Just 10 Months After Rochester, NY Police Officer Daryl Pierson Was Killed in The Line of Duty, his Widow Amy Pierson Goes on Social Media and Publicly Announces She's Pregnant

Amy Pierson announces she's pregnant on Facebook 


By Davy V.

After Rochester, NY Police officer Daryl Pierson was shot and killed during a footchase last September, the Rochester, NY and surrounding Monroe County community, came together in a show of support for his widow, Amy Pierson.

Thousands of people, most complete strangers, felt the young widow's pain.

How could they not?

A young wife, with two young children, one just a baby not old enough to remember her father, started her day off on September 3, 2014 getting her son ready for his first day of kindergarten, and just over 12 hours later received a call that her husband had been gravely injured, shot in the neck at point blank range.

In the days, weeks, and months that followed, Amy Pierson became a recognizable figure in the Rochester community.

Wherever you happened to be, whatever you happened to be doing, whether flipping through television news channels or morning radio talk shows, surfing the Internet, or picking up the local newspaper, there she was.

Amy Pierson.

Well spoken.


At times  appearing sad.

Other times appearing frail, and exhausted.

And all along the community had her back.

At officer Pierson's presidential-like funeral, held at Rochester's Blue Cross Arena, the community was there for her.

Thousands lined the streets.

And thousands more filed inside for the service.

The Rochester community's support for Amy Pierson never wavered.

Community members started several fundraisers which raised thousands of dollars for Amy Pierson.

Some vowed to pay off her mortgage.

A local car dealership even gave Amy Pierson a free, brand new car.

And countless others hit the streets, doing their part to support Amy Pierson.

"I know a lot of people worked hard and spent a lot of money because we felt her pain and we wanted to be supportive," a local Rochester, NY area man who reached out to me Saturday night, said to me.

"Lttle kids were out selling stickers in the rain and cold. People were putting her down while the community mined together and stuck up for her," said the man, who asked that I not publish his name.

"It feels like what was done in was in vain, it's almost a slap in the face especially to the Pierson family."

What the man is referring to is the photo above.


That's Amy Pierson with her new man.

Stephen Denny.


Amy Pierson has moved on.

Less than a year after her husband died.

Actually, according to the man who sent me the photo, Amy Pierson was having an affair with Denny long before Rochester Police officer Daryl Pierson was shot and killed.

"She said the affair started before Daryl was killed," the man told me, adding, "I feel like she held the announcement until after she got all the community money, a car, and her house paid off."

And yes, that's an ultrasound image photo that Amy Pierson and Stephen Denny are holding up.


Amy Pierson is pregnant.

About 16 weeks, according to several sources who also asked to remain anonymous.
"Well I understand everyone has the right to move on and be happy," the man said to me.

"But officer Pierson has only been gone just over ten months, so people are counting back and she  got pregnant around seven months after his death?"

"So it makes one question that she is not the strong, holding it together type that she had everyone believe she was after her husband's tragic death, its more a sigh of relief that she no longer has to hide her side relationship."

So what's my take?

Well, maybe I'm old school, but here's how I look at it.

When my dad passed away 22 years ago, my mom never had eyes for any other man.

She never "moved on."

My dad was my mom's first.

And only.

Of course, we're talking of a different time.

A time when women were faithful, dedicated, and committed to one man.

With that said, I understand that people move on.

What really bothers me about this is well, several things.

First, the obvious.

It hasn't even been a year since Rochester, NY Police officer Daryl Pierson passed away.

And not only has Amy Pierson "moved on", but she's already pregnant?

Not to mention perhaps the most disturbing part.

That Amy Pierson was having an affair with this man long before officer Pierson was killed?

Another thing that disturbs me is that I truly feel Amy Pierson played the Rochester community.

She totally duped them.

Amy Pierson took the money and ran.

And I also believe that Rochester's mainstream news media outlets are partly to blame.

You see, they turned Amy Pierson into a media sensation.


They made people feel sorry for her.

And they did.

Then, Rochester's mainstream news media exploited her.

After all, they knew that a young white cop's widow equals news ratings.

I know there will be naysayers.

I know I'll receive some hate mail over this, just as I did last January when I wrote a piece about Amy Pierson's affair with Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Eric Paul, who just happened to be her late husband's former boss.

Of course, when I wrote that piece, no one believed that Amy Pierson would do such a thing.

And here we are, just 6 months later, and Amy Pierson is proudly plastering her ultrasound pics all over Facebook, therefore making it more than fair game to write about.

That's what people don't realize about social media.

It's a two edged sword of sorts.

Regardless how private you may feel something is, it becomes public the minute you hit "post."

And when you're in essence a person who over the course of almost a year has become a public figure of sorts,, a person who tens of thousands of people have empathized with and have come together to support, financially, emotionally, and spiritually, well, then not only should you not expect any privacy, but the community who has supported you, has a right to know.

A right to know who you are.

A right to know where their money went.

A lot of people feel played.

There are a lot of people that are very hurt.

A great deal of them are part of officer Pierson's extended law enforcement family.

And it's understandable why they would feel this way.

The man who contacted me seems to feel the same.

After he read Amy Pierson's very public posts which Amy Pierson posted on Facebook, he felt both disgusted and in a sense, betrayed.

"A lot of people are very understanding, but I would have thought more of her if she had just told the truth and not put up a fake front. A lot of people lost respect for her because of the lies.  Honesty is always the best policy."

Whatever you may think, one thing is for sure.

Amy Pierson showed she has no class.

And by her actions, she has shown that she has little to no appreciation for all those who supported her.

"She said she was glad it was out of the bag," the man said, "Then she unfriended a bunch of people from her Facebook."

Daryl Pierson deserves better.

Rochester, NY Police officer Daryl Pierson


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