Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rochester, NY Cop Caught on Video Harassing Black Youths: "I'm Not Gonna Change My Attitude Just Because You're Recording Me... Take All Your Chairs, and All Your Shit, and Move it Over Here!"

Rochester, NY Cop Harasses, Threatens Black Youths

By Davy V.

For years the Rochester, NY Police Department has claimed that they want to earn the trust and respect of black and Latino youth in the inner city.

They sure have a funny way of showing it.

A group of young black men sitting outside on a hot and muggy Thursday afternoon saw this first hand.

But thanks to the quick thinking of one of the youths, he was able to catch what often goes unseen, and undocumented.

The lack of respect that Rochester, NY Police officers have for minorities.

The video shows an unidentified white Rochester, NY Police officer harassing and threatening four black youths on Sixth Street, on Rochester's east side, Thursday afternoon, after the officer accuses the youths of "dealing dope."

With a small notepad on hand, the Rochester, NY Police officer starts berating the youths.

"And I'm not going to change my attitude just because you're recording me," the RPD officer tells the youths.

"I say it how it is, and you're over here dealing dope too, mr. recorder."

But he doesn't stop there.

The Rochester, NY cop continues to not only show just how unprofessional the Rochester Police Department really is, but also the lack of respect, and cultural sensitivity training that exists when it comes to white police officers working in inner city, minority neighborhoods.

Check out the video for yourself.

At one point, the Rochester, NY Police officer threatens the youths, telling them "I'm gonna be out here watching you, I may be in those bushes, I may be in this vacant house..."

Then in a clear show of abuse of authority and badge flexing, the overzealous RPD cop orders the youths to move.

"Take all your chairs, and all your shit, and move it over here!"

This RPD cop, and this video is proof of what I've been saying for years.

Not only do Rochester, NY Police officers treat minorities like shit, but they create, and then escalate completely unnecessary situations.

Then expect the community to respect them.

The video also shows something else which is very disturbing.

It shows that Rochester, NY Police officers are out of control.

They don't care that their rogue actions are being recorded.

In this case, the RPD officer boldly admits he doesn't care.

"And I'm not going to change my attitude just because you're recording me," he tells the youths.

This is very disturbing, since the City of Rochester, NY is moving towards a plan to outfit Rochester Police officers with body cams.


This defiant Rochester, NY cop admits he WILL NOT change his ATTITUDE just because he's being video recorded.

Way to earn trust and respect RPD.



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