Monday, March 7, 2016

Rochester, NY Cop Caught on Video Illegally Searching Citizen's Disabled Vehicle

Rochester, NY Police officer David Lyons 

By Davy V.

What's worse than having your car break down on you in Monday morning traffic in downtown Rochester, NY?

Having you car break down on you in Monday morning traffic in downtown Rochester, NY, and then having a complete stranger enter your vehicle without your permission and go through your personal belongings, while you went to get help.

That's exactly what happened to a Rochester. NY woman who was driving on North Clinton Avenue near Andrews Street when her right front wheel control arm on her car broke, leaving the vehicle inoperable.

"She was driving down the street then I saw her slow down, and it looked like her wheel was about to come off," said James Nesmith, who was eating at the Red Front Restaurant.

"She tried to pull her car over onto the sidewalk so it wouldn't block traffic," Nesmith said, adding, "The lady then walked away to get help, and not even twenty minutes passed before the police officer pulled up.

Nesmith said that at first he thought the Rochester Police officer was going to help, but he quickly realized he was wrong.

"The officer gets out and opens the drivet's door then he starts looking inside, and that's when I called you."

Ok, let me explain.

James Nesmith is a retired construction worker and avid follower of my work, and this blog.

So I wasn't at all surprised when Nesmith called me to tell me a Rochester, NY cop was illegally searching a woman's car.

Nesmith is one of my many sources who have me on speed dial.

And luckily, when James called me, I was nearby filming for an upcoming project.

When I arrived at The Red Front Restaurant, I began video recording Rochester, NY Police officer David Lyons, IBM # 1071.   

As you can see in the video below, Rochester, NY Police officer David Lyons opens the woman's car several times as he rummages through her personal, private items.

So what was RPD officer David Lyon's response when I approached him about illegally searching a citizen's car without a warrant or probable cause?




James Nesmith has informed me that Rochester, NY Police had the woman's car towed away before she returned.

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