Thursday, April 14, 2016

Upstate, NY Firefighter Calls Black Protesters "Fuckers"

Honeoye Falls, NY Firefighter Davin Eshelman 

By Davy V.

An Upstate, NY first responder wasn't too happy with a group of black protesters who peacefully marched through downtown Rochester, NY Thursday afternoon, calling for employment equality, specifically a minimum wage increase of $15.00 an hour.

Honeoye Falls, NY Firefighter Davin Eshelman, who uses the Twitter handle @LCFireEMSReport, the "LC" represents Livingston County, took to Twitter, accusing the black protesters, which included members of Our Lives Matter as well as Rochester's Black Panther Party, of intentionally blocking an ambulance which was responding to a call.

While I'm a strong supporter of free speech, I think it's very disturbing, especially for a first responder to take to social media and post negative comments about citizens exercising their first amendment right to free speech and to peacefully assemble which is exactly what they did.

And it's especially disturbing for Davin Eshelman to refer to the group of black protesters as "fuckers."

Davin Eshelman's tweet

And I'm not alone.

In fact, John Spaulding, an EMT Paramedic, whom
Eshelman tweeted the disturbing tweet, wasted no time in letting Eshelman know he disapproved of his tweet.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Spaulding, who is also a photojournalist, and covered the March Thursday afternoon, tells Eshelman, "you're better than that."

John Spaulding's tweet 

Is he?

Is firefighter Eshelman really better than that?

Or does he have a personal issue with monitories?

That would be very disturbing given his chosen profession.

I mean does  Eshelman harbor prejudice and/or some sort of resentment towards African-Americans?

If so, does that prejudice interfere with his work which is to save lives?

Reminds me of Omar Ramirez, a Rochester, NY Fire Department recruit who I exposed right here on my blog, after he posted an anti-Semitic video on his Facebook page.

After I exposed Ramirez, he was terminated from
the RFD.

As for Eshelman's claim that peaceful protesters blocked an ambulance?

That's a lie.

I was there and I actually captured on video the moment when the ambulance Eshelman claims was blocked, went through the intersection of Main and Clinton in downtown Rochester, with no problem,

In fact, as you'll clearly see in the photo and video, the protesters were at least 50 feet away from the ambulance.


Click link below to read my story on Omar Ramirez.

Honeoye Falls, NY Firefighter Davin Eshelman 

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