Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hypocrisy and Bullshit Once Again Running Rampant in Rochester, NY


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

By Davy V.

Sometimes one just has to take a break.

It's very easy to get burned out, and it's been a very rough few weeks leading up to the anniversary of my dad's death, which was today, July 9th.


It's been 23 years since my dad Mario Vara, committed suicide after years of being targeted by members of the Rochester, NY Police Department, as a result of his work as a police accountability activist.

And so I took some time off from writing, as well as from adding new content to my YouTube channel, DavyVTV. (Shameless plug--please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already.)

But as much as I enjoyed hitting the pause button and disconnecting for a bit, it was hard to do, especially when I had to explain to my children how it is that in this great country we live in, the Good Ol' USA, a black man can be stopped for a supposed broken taillight, and end up being shot several times by yet another trigger-happy cop who is so scared of death himself, that frankly he should've never become a cop in the first place, and then explain to my children how that same black man bleeds out in the driver's seat of his car, while his 4-year old daughter watches from the back seat and while the same cop who just executed her father refuses to render first aid to him, and instead continues to point his gun at him.

Fast forward just a few hours, and after 5 Dallas Police officers are ambushed during a peaceful protest, just a little more than a block away from where JFK was assassinated, I once again find myself talking to my children.

This time about how violence towards police is never the answer, and how it actually hurts the cause.

The very same cause their grandfather fought so hard for, and which I've continued.

And then it happens.

Blatant hypocrisy.

Right in my hometown.

Rochester, NY.

I'm talking about the bandwagoners.

The opportunists.

Those in my hometown who are nowhere to be seen when there's an injustice in their own city, but who'll be quick to grab a sign and run to the streets not because they truly believe in the cause, but because  it's the 'cool' thing to do.

Simply because they see everyone else is doing it throughout the country.

Ii'm talking about those who scream "Black lives matter!", but don't say a peep whenever a black youth takes another black life.


That's Rochester, NY.

Where the founding father of America's civil rights movement, Frederick Douglass is buried.

The same city where 7 Rochester, NY cops executed a mentally-ill young man on his 20th birthday, then laughed about it as his cold body lay uncovered for hours on a hot, blood-soaked sidewalk.

And the Rochester community stood silent like it never even happened.

The same city where a white Rochester, NY cop stood over a black woman he had just shot, and as she choked on her own blood, looked down at her and shot her again.

And the Rochester community stood silent like it never even happened.

The same city where Lovely Warren, Rochester's first black woman mayor, for years has turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by her rogue cops, has the audacity to get in front of television news cameras and say "There are things we can improve on.", after Rochester cops arrested two black news reporters during Friday's protest.

Fucking hypocrite.

Just like the rest of them.

Especially the ones holding the signs yelling "Black Lives Matter!"

The same ones who are nowhere to be found when a Rochester, NY cop executes an innocent black or Latino.

The same ones who are nowhere to be found when a black youth commits black genocide.

It's how you know someone's not genuine.

When they only come out when, yep, you guessed it... when it's the cool thing to do.

Just like all the naive white college kids holding up "Black Lives Matter" signs, who are completely clueless as to the hypocrisy of the organization.

An organization who on top of ignoring black on black violence and genocide, also attacked Bernie Sanders, someone with a documented history of standing up for civil rights, dating back to the 1960's.

Long before most Black Lives Matter so-called members were even born.

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