Thursday, August 4, 2016

Less Than a Dozen #LatinosUnidos Protesters Show Up for Rally in Rochester, NY, in Support of Black Lives Matter

Less than a dozen protesters show up in downtown Rochester, NY in support of Black Lives Matter

By Davy V.

Someone really needs to tell #LatinosUnidos in Rochester, NY, that the last thing Latinos in Rochester, NY are is unidos.

Because Thursday afternoon less than a dozen Latinos in a city with a Latino population of more than 35,000, showed up to the Public Safety Building in downtown Rochester holding up signs in support of Black Lives Matter, including a few protesters who held up what looked like a folded white bed sheet with the words "LATINOS UNIDOS #BLACKLIVESMATTER."

Less than twelve people.

That's a fucking embarrassment.

I mean you can find more than 12 people at any given time returning empty bottles and cans at their local supermarket.

Also at the protest rally were a couple of members of Rochester's B.L.A.C.K., which stands for Building Leadership And Community Knowledge, and is an extension of Black Lives Matter.

As many of you who know me and follow my work already know, I'm no fan of the whole Black Lives Matter "movement".

In fact I have called Black Lives Matter out countless times and will continue to call out their so called "movement", hypocrisy and double standards any and every chance I get.

The whole movement is a joke.

Anyone with any sense knows that the real enemy of young black youths is NOT the police.

It's other black youths.

Even a large percentage of African-Americans and Latinos know that.

And this is coming from a second generation LATINO  veteran police accountability activist with more than 20 years experience in denouncing and exposing police misconduct and corruption, and who is also the proud father of two African-American and Latino children.

Simply put, if there's one thing I can't stand more than dirty, rogue cops, it's hypocrite, wannabe, fake, so-called activists.


And that's exactly what Black Lives Matter is.

And history will show that.

How the fuck can Black Lives Matters members attack and interrupt Bernie Sanders, a man with a long history and proven track record of standing up for civil rights, dating back to the 1960's?

How the fuck can Black Lives Matter sit by silent when black communities throughout the country have no respect for other black lives, and are killing each other off?

How the fuck can Black Lives Matter sit by silent, without a protester in sight, not even a peep from a black ex-pimp or hustler turned preacher, pastor, or deacon, as black communities commit black genocide?

And how the fuck can Black Lives Matter sit by silent and have the odasity to scream "Black Lives Matter!", when the sad truth is that black lives obviously don't matter whenever a black youth pulls the trigger and takes another black life, in essence saying, FUCK THAT LIFE?


And to the less than 12 Latinos who were stupid enough to show up to the Public Safety Building in downtown Rochester, Thursday afternoon, why?

Why would you support a movement based on hypocrisy and double standards.

And why would you subject yourself to being ridiculed?

Like we Cubans say, COMEMIERDAS.

Each and every one of you.

I don't know what's more hilarious.

The fact that less than a dozen uneducated, uninformed  individuals showed up to support a so-called movement which was founded and is based on hypocrisy, or the fact that City of Rochester officials including Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Michael Ciminelli decided to close the Public Safety Building, all in anticipation of a large turnout.


Sign posted on a door of The Hall of Justice in downtown Rochester, NY.

Even the Hall of Justice building, where city and county courts are located closed early.

Not to mention the amount of money spent on police overtime, which Rochester taxpayers will pay. 

All for less than a dozen misguided souls holding paper signs and a white sheet.

Completely clueless about Black Lives Matter's hypocrisy.



"Make no mistake, the PSB IS closed..."
Rochester, NY Time Warner News reporter Seth Voorhees posts photo of baracades in front of Rochester's Public Safety Building on Twitter.

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