Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rochester, NY Police Union President Mike Mazzeo Defends Cops Accused of Beating Black Teen, Blames Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief for Buying Cheap Body-Cams that Don't Work


Rochester, NY Police Union President Mike Mazzeo 


As a Rochester, NY cop, Mike Mazzeo was known for beating and abusing blacks and Latinos, and terrorizing suspected drug dealers.

Part of the Rochester, NY Police Department's H.I.T. Squad, (Highway Interdiction Team), a street level undercover drug task force, commonly referred to as the "Jumpout Squad", because they would jump out of undercover white Ford vans with black ski-masks on to hide their faces, Mike Mazzeo would beat and torture black and Latino suspects, and steal their drugs and cash.

In one incident, Mike Mazzeo threatened a suspect by placing his service weapon against the black man's head and threatening to shoot him, even though the man was not resisting.

Mazzeo was also known for making suspected drug dealers strip naked after he and his fellow H.I.T. Squad members would raid drug houses.

Mazzeo would then leave the naked men outside in the snow and cold as he and his H.I.T. Squad goons pocketed drugs and cash.


As a Rochester, NY cop, Mike Mazzeo misused thousands of taxpayer dollars by working fewer hours than he was supposed to.

Mazzeo would tell his fellow H.I.T. Squad members to avoid Shields, a bar frequented by law enforcement officers, whenever they cut out of work early so they wouldn't be seen.

He would also tell fellow officers that should they get caught skipping work, they should just say they're on "comp", or compensatory time.

Mike Mazzeo

"Not a nice guy." 

Those were the first words a retired law enforcement official, who asked to remain anonymous told me in a recent interview, when I asked him about Mike Mazzeo.

"Mike Mazzeo was the type of cop who gave good cops who put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform, a bad name," the retired official said, adding, "Mike Mazzeo was everything one thinks of when one thinks bad cop," 

Throughout his career as a Rochester Police officer, Mike Mazzeo got away with abusing, beating, and violating the rights of hundreds of blacks and Latinos.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that Mike Mazzeo, now President of the Rochester Police Locust Club, the RPD's Union,, defended the recent police beating of a black teenager in a television news interview.

Referring to the brutal beating of Rickey Bryant, a 17-year old black youth beaten, and tased by at least 6 Rochester cops who mistook him for someone else, Mazzeo said the following:

"An individual is asked by a police officer to comply, to stop, to put your hands behind your back and stop and you need to do it," Mazzeo said.

On the night of August 7, 2016,  Ricky Bryant was stopped by at least a half a dozen Rochester, NY Police officers.

According to Bryant's family and witnesses, the 17-year old was tasered, kicked, pepper sprayed, and shot with a pepper ball gun.

A witness said that after realizing Bryant was not the person they were allegedly looking for, "a black man running around with a gun", Bryant was released without any charges.

The 17-year old suffered an orbital fracture as well as multiple bruises and contusions from the police beating.

Photos of Rickey Bryant after RPD beating



Rochester clergy members are calling on the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office to investigate the beating and bring charges against the Rochester Police officers involved, who the Rochester Police Departnent are refusing to identify.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli

Asked in the interview about the fact that none of the Rochester Police officers accused of beating Rickey Bryant were wearing body cameras, Mazzeo had an interesting and disturbing response.

Mazzeo said that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli rushed and purchased lousy body cameras for the police department which don't work properly.

"There are problems with them working," Mazzeo said in the interview.

"There were no cameras that night. Nobody took a camera off or turned one off. There wasn’t a camera even working."

And that's Rochester, NY's 'Good Ol' Boys Club'.

Mike Mazzeo.

The same individual who beat, abused and tortured suspected drug dealers, and made a career out of robbing them of their drugs and cash, is now the president of the Rochester, NY Police Department's Union.

Mike Mazzeo.

Defending and covering up for rogue Rochester, NY  cops who abuse and beat innocent minorities.


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