Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hypocrisy Once Again Running Rampant in Rochester, NY as Disgraced Ex-Cop Takes Part in Police-Community Relations Summit


Ex-Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Carlos Garcia

By Davy V.

If there's one thing I can't fucking stand, it's hypocrisy.

Case in point.

A few days ago, the local media in my hometown of Rochester, NY, aired a story about a meeting some local reverend had with several area police chiefs which was touted as strengthening relations between police and the minority community.

I'm referring to Reverend Louis Stewart.

Another black preacher profiting off of innocent minorities who have been abused, and in some cases executed by trigger-happy Rochester, NY cops.

You know the type.

The sort who drive a big ass Cadillac or Lincoln, paid for, of course, by the congregation's donations, and complete with pimp-mobile chrome wheels, and that  tacky "CLERGY" vanity plate they stick in their rear window, wedged in between the glass and the brake light, as yet another way of using God as a front to line their pockets.

Heck, sometimes they'll even rock a handicap parking permit hanging from their rear view mirror, even though they can walk perfectly fine.

They're loud mouths who only come out from behind the pulpit to denounce dirty cops and police misconduct when it's convenient and/or beneficial to them, and then they aren't seen, or heard from again, until the next viral video comes out showing a white cop beating or killing an innocent black or Latino person.

So, the good ol' Reverend Stewart rounded up several Rochester, NY area police Chiefs, among them, Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, Irondequoit, NY Police Chief Richard Tantalo, and Brighton, NY Police Chief Mark Henderson.

After a brief meeting, they sang Kumbaya, held hands, and smiled for the news cameras, as if everything was fine, and as if racial profiling, and abuse of minorities wasn't a thing.



Reverend Louis Stewart

But what Rochester, NY's mainstream news media didn't mention was that there was someone else at the meeting.

Someone else, who with their presence alone proved just what a joke the meeting was.

A disgraced former cop, named Carlos Garcia.

Ok, if the name Carlos Garcia sounds familiar to some of you, especially those of you from the Rochester, NY area, who follow my blog, well, it should.

You see, Carlos Garcia, or should I say former Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Carlos Garcia is a disgraced cop.

A thief.

In 2008, Sgt. Garcia, a then 21-year veteran of the Rochester, NY Police Department, who was the RPD's Spokesperson, was arrested and charged with 13 counts of larceny.

Specifically, using a police department gas credit card, for his own personal use, including taking trips out of town with his family.

In other words, Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Carlos Garcia stole from taxpayers, for his own personal benefit.


Sgt. Garcia was convicted and let go from the Rochester, NY Police Department.

And a couple of days ago, the disgraced ex-cop sat in on a meeting of cops and preachers, which was supposedly geared at strengthening police-community relations.

Because nothing says you care more about wanting to root out bad cops, and police-community relations, than inviting a disgraced, thieving ex-cop, who violated the his oath, and the public's trust, by embezzling taxpayer money for his own personal use,  to speak at your police-community relations summit.

What a fucking joke.


Disgraced Ex-Rochester, NY Cop Carlos Garcia Speaks at Police-Community Meeting

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