Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rochester, NY Cops Tell Davy V. They Don't Need Anyone to Keep Them Honest


Rochester, NY Police officer Kaminski Tests to See if Substance Found During Illegal Search is Narcotics.

It wasn't.

By Davy V.

The Rochester, NY Police Department is one of the most dirtiest, abusive, and corrupt law enforcement agencies in the country.

A dark history of abuse which dates back to Rochester's 1964 race riots.

A dark history which includes former Rochester, NY Police Chief Gordon Urlacher, convicted of embezzling $225,000 from the department, while at the same time turning a blind eye to civil rights abuse being commuted by members of his HIT Squad, a street level drug task force team known for beating and torturing black and Latino drug dealers, while stealing their drugs and cash.

In more recent years, the Rochester, NY Police Department has repeatedly made national headlines for atrocities committed by its rogue cops, including but not limited to: violating citizens' constitutionally protected first amendment right to record, racially profiling, and arresting several African-American high school basketball players for doing nothing more than STB (Standing While Black) as they were waiting for a city bus in downtown Rochester to get to their game, punching a pregnant black woman in the head, and then ramming her stomach first into a wooden porch post, and in another case, kneeing another pregnant black woman.


Again, the Rochester, NY Police Department is one of the dirtiest agencies around.

Which is why I had to ask several Rochester, NY cops to repeat themselves Thursday afternoon, when they simultaneously told me that they don't need anyone to watch over them and monitor them, because they can do that themselves.

But that's exactly the problem with the Rochester, NY Police Department, and police agencies throughout the country.

The fact that they police, and investigate themselves.

It's the whole thin blue line, blue wall, and code of silence that comes with the good ol' boys club.

Check out the videos below, as I was doing my regular copwatching, or as I like to call it, "Watching the Watchers", and came upon a traffic stop of two Latino men, by four RPD cops.

All for a V&T.

That's Vehicle and Traffic, for those of you who may not be familiar with cop speak.


Apparently in Rochester, NY, one of the poorest cities in the U.S., where real crime is happening 24/7, it's necessary to tie up four cops for a vehicle and traffic violation.

According to one of the young men, they had just purchased a van and were driving it home with expired plates.

But boy were these RPD cops thirsty.

Check out how they try their damnest to find something more to hit these men with, other than a simple V&T infraction.

To the point where they even tested what they thought was narcotics.

In the end the men's handcuffs are removed and they're let go, with several tickets.



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