Wednesday, November 30, 2016

(VIDEO) Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Mackenzie Doesn't Think Citizens' First Amendment Right to Record Applies to Police Recruit Training


Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Mackenzie

By Davy V.

According to Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Mackenzie, the first amendment protected right to record doesn't apply to observing and recording field training of police recruits, in public.

Some context here:

Law enforcement agencies in the Rochester, NY area, including the Rochester Police Department, as well as the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office, regularly use Eastside Way, a public airport access road adjacent to the Greater Rochester Airport to train new police recruits.



Located near the Monroe County Public Safety Training Center, field training officers use the road to stage traffic stops for the young recruits.


Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputies Conduct Staged Training Traffic Stop.

Wednesday morning while I was on my way to the airport to pick up a close friend, I observed two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's cruisers staging traffic stops.

I slowed down, and asked a Deputy if, as part of the recruit training, the recruits are also taught to respect citizens constitutionally protected first amendment right to record.

The Deputy not only refused to answer my question, but he also refused to identify himself.

That's when I pulled ahead and parked in a safe location.

Now initially, when I first asked the deputy my question, I didn't even have any intention to video record my interaction with the deputy, mainly because I was kind of in a rush as my friend's flight had just landed, and I had to pick her up.

And this is where the video begins.

Pay attention to how the Deputy, who eventually identified himself as Mackenzie asks me several times to put my camera down.


Undercover Law Enforcement Agent Covers his Face.

Also, pay attention to the black undercover law enforcement agent in the light blue Mercury Grand Marquis who is playing the role of the motorist in the traffic stop.

Watch as he covers his face with his notepad, then tefuses to identify himself.

So there you have it, Monroe County, NY Taxpayer dollars at work.

We pay for police.

They just don't want you to see how your tax dollars are being used.

On a lighter note, I doubt the police recruits are being taught to respect citizen's first amendment right to record.

But that recruit just got hands on training.

NOTE: Several calls to the Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn were not returned.

UPDATE: It's important to note that before the publishing of this piece, Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Mackenzie "followed" me on Facebook.



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