Saturday, December 24, 2016

Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy: Henrietta, NY Fire Chief Using Official Vehicle for Personal Use is Above the Law


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Jonathan Strong

By Davy V

In Monroe County, NY, if you park in a fire lane, whether or not you're blocking a fire hydrant, the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office will ticket you and your vehicle may be towed.

Unless you're the Henrietta, NY Fire Battalion Chief using your taxpayer funded official vehicle for personal use as you wait for your wife while she does some last minute Christmas Eve shopping at your friendly neighborhood Kohl's.

That's pretty much what happened Saturday afternoon when I spotted the Henrietta, NY Fire Chief illegally parked in a no parking zone, blocking a fire hydrant in front of Kohl's in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

Check out the video below and pay close attention not only to how nonchalant the Henrietta, NY Fire Battalion Chief is as he tells me that yes, he is using his official vehicle for personal use, but also pay close attention to the overall demeanor of Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Jonathan Strong, when in referring to the Henrietta Fire Chief he tells me, "He's a fireman, he can do what he wants."


Apparently the "Good Ol' Boys Club" extends well beyond law enforcement.

NOTE: I understand there are those (cop apologists) who will steadfastly defend police officers.

I get it.

But what those same individuals don't understand is that the overwhelming percentage of police officers and law enforcement agencies don't give two shits about protecting and serving the very same folks who pay their salaries.

In fact, nowadays law enforcement agencies are more about generating revenue and less about protecting and serving.

An ex-con turned informant was captured on a store's video surveillance system threatening to murder and decapitate my 5-year old daughter and NO law enforcement agency including the Rochester, NY Police Department, the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office, the New York State Police, and the Brighton, NY Police Department did anything.

In fact, even the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's Office refused to do anything.






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