Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On Stolen Seats and Hypocrisy


By MJ Vara

I have nothing personal against the Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch...but, ideologically, I firmly stand against his confirmation...but more than that, I feel a fierce, angry energy towards his nomination, because this was clearly, by law, custom and historical precedent, supposed to be Obama's seat to fill.

The GOP obfuscated and thwarted President Obama's pick, Judge Merrick Garland, mercilessly.

An entire year has gone by since Scalia died, for goodness sake!!!

The GOP did not care the nation was short a Supreme Court Justice for such an extended time. Hey, maybe we can extend it a bit longer.

I wish Obama and the Democrats had fought tooth-and-nail for Judge Merrick Garland last year --- all-out war... but I suspect they were under the spell of what proved to be, regrettably, a pipe dream: Hillary Clinton sitting in the Oval Ofiice tonight...renominating Judge Garland.

So, given all this, I am sorry Judge Neil Gorsuch, I certainly do not mean for him to get caught in the crossfire, but I want Democrats to fight tooth-and-nail to defat his nomination. 

I am well-versed enough in this stuff to know that technically there is no reason to deny Gorsuch the seat. Just because his ideology is conservative does not disqualify him.

I donl't care. I want a bloody battle, to have every procedure in the Senate book used to block, obfuscate, and RESIST!

I ask Judge Gorsuch to reflect on the horrible manner that Judge Merrick Garland was ignored, treated like a potted plant, not even given hearings. 

Technically there was no reason to deny Garland the hearing and the seat. Just because his ideology was middle-of-the-road did not disqualify him (this is where I get that "Obama was too nice" feeling that makes me absolutely have no good will towards the GOP on these matters --- Garland was not even a liberal!).

Garland was treated with no dignity, along with Obama, by Mitch McConnell and company. 

Now, we liberals should sharpen our knives --- it's our turn!


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