Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost; Another Rochester, NY Cop Shot


By Davy V.

Another Rochester, NY cop was shot last night.

The 6th Rochester, NY Police officer to be shot in the line of duty since 2009.

Saturday night around 10:40 pm, Rochester, NY Police  Officer Jeremy Nash was responding to a call near North Street and St. Jacob Strret, on Rochester's east side, when a gunnan shot him several times in the face.

Officer Nash was rushed to Rochester General Hospital where he underwent surgery and is listed in stable condition.

The shooting took place just a few blocks away from where Rochester, NY Police Officer Daryl Pierson was shot in September of 2014.

Officer Pierson died shortly afterwards.

He was the first Rochester, NY Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty since 1959.

And just as they did when Rochester, NY Police Officer Daryl Pierson was killed, Rochester, NY's mainstream news media is milking, sensationalizing, and outright exploiting the fuck out another cop shot.

All in the name of television news ratings.

After all, more viewers, more advertising.


But why is it that whenever a cop is shot, all of a sudden they're hailed ad a hero?


They willingly sign on to do a job which taxpayers pay them very well to do.

That's right.

Although cops forget, taxpayers pay their salaries.

And yes, it's a job that can be dangerous, but nevertheless, again, THEY WILLINGLY sign up for that job.

And I'm sorry, but getting shot doesn't make you a hero.

Being a regular citizen and going about your daily life, and running into a burning home to save young children from an inferno, THAT'S A HERO.

Standing in line at a bank and getting shot by armed robbers while protecting an innocent elderly woman, THAT'S A HERO.

Jumping in front of a train to save a despondent suicidal person, THAT'S A HERO.

Not some cop getting shot in the line of duty in a profession that he or she willingly signed up for and is very well compensated for.


But, since Rochester, NY's  mainstream news media wants to do desparately make Rochester, NY Police Officer Jetemy Nash into a hero, and completely forget the fact that Officer Nash is part of Rochester's biggest gang, known for terrorizing and in some cases even executing unarmed innocent citizens, then lets go there.

Let's pretend.

Let's pretend that the Rochester, NY Police Department is not one of the dirtiest, most corrupt police agencies in the country.

Let's pretend that the Rochester, NY Police Department doesn't have a long history of misconduct and corruption.

Let's pretend that the Rochester, NY Police Department doesn't have a very long and disturbing history when it comes to race relations, specifically how they treat blacks and Latinos.

In fact. that same very long and disturbing history can be traced back to the July 1964 riots in Rochester which began after a white Rochester, NY cops beat a black youth.

And let's pretend that trigger-happy white Rochester, NY cops haven't executed UNARMED innocent black mentally ill citizens like Calvin Greene, who was hiding in a crawl space, UNARMED, when Rochester, NY Police Officer Gary E. Smith shot him several times, executing the young father.

Let's pretend that Rochester, NY Police Officers Serge Savitcheff and Hector Padgham, both white, didn't execute 14-year old Craig Heard, a young black honor roll student whose only crime was not choosing the best friends.

Young Craig was joy riding a stolen car that his friend's stole, when Rochester Police Officers Serge Savitcheff and Hector Padgham each shot him once in her head, killing him instantly.

And what about Denise Hawkins, a beautiful young black woman who was shot and killed by Rochester, NY Police Officer Michael Leach, another trigger-happy white Rochester, NY cop.

Years later, Michael Leach was convicted of shooting his own son in the back and killing him.

I guess once a trigger-happy, always a trigger-happy cop.

Let's also pretend that Rochester, NY Police Officer Thomas L. Whitmore, a white cop, didn't execute Alicia McCuller, yet another beautiful young black woman, and then let's pretend that as she lay on the ground dying, gasping for air and choking on her own blood, Rochester Police Officer Thomas Whitmore didn't shoot McCuller again, for good measure.

And while we're at it, let's also pretend that Rochester, NY Police Officer Jeremy Nash isn't part of the same gang, in which 7 of its members executed Izzy Andino, a mentally-ill young man on his 20th birthday.

The 7 Rochester, NY Police Officers shot and executed Andino in what witnesses described as "a modern day firing squad."

They were all cleared of any wrongdoing of course.

And let's pretend that Officer Nash doesn't belong to the same gang whose member (Officer Lucas Krull)
was captured on video beating a pregnant black woman, punching her in the head and ramming her, stomach first into a wooden post.

Then let's pretend that after Rochester's black community denounced the pregnant woman's beating by a white cop, let's pretend that several members of the same gang that Rochester, NY Police Officer Jeremy Nash belongs to, didn't mock Rochester's black community by hanging a monkey racist effigy from the mirror of an RPD cruiser and rode around Rochester's west side laughing.

And speaking of Rochester's west side, let's pretend that several white Rochester, NY Police gang members didn't attack a black one-legged amputee black man who was waiting for the bus, and knocked him off his motorized wheelchair, where they proceeded to beat and pepper spray him.

Oh and let's also pretend that a veteran Rochester, NY Police Officer, from yep, you guessed it, the same gang that Rochester Police Officer Jeremy Nash belongs to, isn't under investigation by the FBI after he was caught on video, attempting to strangle a black man with his hands, an an illegal chokehold, banned by departmental policy.

And since I'm on the subject of illegal chokeholds, let's pretend that I didn't just recently expose a wack job Rochester, NY cop named Chris Renz, (SEE LINK BELOW) who in addition to posting a comment on his Facebook page saying he'd love to take a military assault rifle to the top of an inner city low income apartment building, and kill blacks and Latinos, also posted several links on illegal "Street Chokeholds" to his Facebook page.

By the way, I personally met with Rochester, NY City Council Presidebnt Loretta Scott, about Officer Renz's disturbing posts.

Rochester City Council President Loretta Scott along with Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, completely ignored the disgusting and disturbing actions and behavior of Rochester Police Officer Chris Renz.

And so, as Rochester, NY's mainstream news media hails yet another cop who got shot as a hero, let's pretend that the Rochester, NY Police Department and each and everyone of its gang members, I mean cops, isn't earning every little bit of the hate.

Let's pretend the Rochester, NY Police Department and each one of their cops don't have blood on their hands.

And let's pretend that the chickens haven't come home to roost.


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren Dressed Like a Bum at Press Conference for Rochester, NY Police Officer Jeremy Nash 


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