Sunday, August 6, 2017

(VIDEO) New York State Police Set Up Recruitment Stand Next to Drunken Frat House Partiers, at Rochester, NY's Park Ave. Festival, Ignoring Open Container Law Violations and Possible Underage Drinking

New York State Trooper Mark O'Donell jokes with drunk college students as young student chugs alcohol in background.

Young College student chugs alcohol on porch of Park Ave. fraternity house in Rochester, NY.

By Davy V.

For years I've written about the disturbing double standard that exists in my hometown of Rochester, NY when it comes to the way that law enforcement agencies aggressively enforce laws against minorities, while taking a much more soft, white gloved approach when it comes to whites.

Take, for example, a disturbing incident which I caught on video Saturday afternoon at Rochester, NY's annual Park Avenue Festival.

New York State Police Troop E Public Information Officer (PIO) Trooper Mark O'Donell and another NYS Trooper set up a recruitment stand right next to a house where drunk college students were drinking in public, and thus were in clear violation of the open container law.

New York State Police recruitment stand next to drunken college fraternity students at Rochester, NY's Park Avenue Festival.

Not only did NYS Trooper O'Donell and his partner completely ignore the open container law violations, something which is regularly and aggressively enforced when it comes to blacks and Latinos in Rochester, NY, but as you can see in the photos below, NYS Trooper O'Donell goes as far as to joke and laugh with the drunk college students.

BELOW: New York State Trooper Mark O'Donell jokes and laughs with young drunk college students at fraternity house on Park Avenue in Rochester, NY.

Perhaps even more disturbing, is the fact that not only did both NYS Troopers completely ignore and disregard enforcing of the open container laws, but they also clearly gave two shits about possible underage drinking, a very serious issues especially when it comes to young  college students consuming alcohol in frat houses.

Kim J., an avid Canadian follower of The Davy V. Blog, summed it up perfectly.

"The NYSP has set up a recruiting area right next to where students are drinking and being loud?", said Kim.

"Isn't the drinking age in the U.S. 21?, If I were the New York State Police, I would be more concerned with underage drinking than any recruiting event. And that Trooper who you spoke to regarding your concerns about them ignoring open container laws was full of BS--"Talk to the city police" ? He was just giving you the runaround because he didn't want to answer the question and he knew you were right Davy!"

"It's amazing how the laws only apply when the police say so and they are not fairly applied to everyone, INCLUDING THE POLICE!"

Yep, that's how it is in Rochester, NY.

I just wonder if anyone noticed the irony that the New York State Police was holding a recruiting event while at the sane time showing that they truly could care less about protecting and serving the community.

Can you imagine if one of those drunk young college students got behind the wheel of a vehicle and killed an innocent person, because instead of enforcing the laws and making sure there wasn't any underage drinking, these New York State Troopers were too busy joking, and laughing with the drunk students?

BELOW: More young drunk college students at fraternity house on Park Avenue in Rochester, NY.

New York State Trooper Mark O'Donell laughs and looks at DavyVTV cam after joking with young drunk college students at fraternity house on Park Avenue in Rochester, NY.


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