Saturday, January 6, 2018

Greece, NY Police Department Allows Racist Comments to be Posted on Their Facebook Page After Robbery


Saturday evening, a reader of The Davy V. Blog contacted us to express their concern over several racist posts posted on the Greece, NY Police department’s Facebook page.

Perhaps as equally, if not more disturbing than the racist comments, is the fact that the Greece, NY Police Department has allowed the disturbing posts to remain up in their Facebook page, and thus, has allowed their Facebook page to serve as a platform to spread and promote racism.

It all began Thursday evening when the Greece, NY Police Department posted at least two video surveillance screenshots of two male blacks which they say robbed a Verizon store located at 3687 Dewey Avenue in the Town of Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester, Wednesday night.

According to the post, which you can read below, Greece, NY Police state the two men pointed a gun at a store employee and made off with several cell phones.

Greece, NY Police Facebook page.

Greece, NY Police Facebook page.

Greece, NY Police Facebook page.

The reader who contacted The Davy V. Blog, a resident of Greece, NY, asked that The Davy V. Blog not publish her name.

The woman tells The Davy V. Blog that she was reading the comments, when she came upon several disturbing posts.

“Being that I live in Greece, from time to time I like to go on the Greece Police Facebook page, just to see what’s going on,” the woman said during a phone interview with The Davy V. Blog Saturday evening.

“Then, as I was scrolling through the comments, that’s when I started to see the racism and the hatred that some people were writing.”

“But what I really found both interesting and disturbing was that this is the Facebook page of the Greece Police, I mean it’s not a personal page, it’s a government agency’s Facebook page, don’t they have someone who monitors the page?”

“And why would they (Greece Police) allow these racist comments to stay up?”

The Davy V. Blog has obtained screenshots of the comments and has posted them below.

We will be updating this story.

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