Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Interesting Conversation with a Rochester, NY Police officer

By Davy V.
August 25, 2012 10:26 AM ET

As a filmmaker, writer and activist exposing police misconduct and corruption, it is not at all uncommon for people to reach out to me to tell me about their experiences with law enforcement officers.

I'm used to it.

I listen to their stories of being harassed, and in some cases even abused by police, especially members of the Rochester, NY Police department.

I give them some advice, and I ask them to stay in touch.

Again, it's part of what I do, and I accept that people are going to reach out to me.

However, recently I was approached by someone I would never in a million years expect.

A Rochester, NY Police officer.

While at a sports event, I had a conversation with an off duty Rochester, NY Police officer.

This officer was actually with another off duty RPD officer, who just happens to be an old Latino schoolmate of mine from High School, who went on to become a Rochester, NY Police officer.

When he saw me at the sports event, he nodded his head to say hello, as if we were back in the hallways by the lockers at Edison High School.

I nodded back.

What happened next was interesting.

As he walked by me with the other off duty officer, his partner, turned around, and walked towards me.

He introduced himself, and told me he supported me and my work.

My first response was a chuckle.

I thought, how would an RPD cop tell me he supported my work when my work is to expose their rogue, abusive behavior?

But, despite what the media has reported about me, or what people may have heard about me as a result of my blunt, raw style, I am the type of person who as long as someone shows me respect, I am glad to reciprocate the same.

He then went on to tell me about a film project he was working on which would hit on his experiences as an African-American on the Rochester, NY Police department.

He told me that as an African-American police officer, there were things he did not agree with and which he knew were wrong within the department.

Knowing my work reaches internationally, he asked me if I would help him get his film out there when he was done with it.

I said absolutely.

And then it hit me.

After years of exposing police misconduct, and a long history of corruption on the part of the Rochester, NY Police department, I always wondered if it was possible that there could be some RPD officers who for one moment could think "outside the box" and look past the uniform they don every day, and have the cojones to speak out.

I think there are.

Can't wait for the film.

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