Friday, August 24, 2012

Rochester, NY Police and New York State Police Refuse to do Anything about Teddy Loria, the Individual Threatening my Life

Theodore "Teddy" Loria
By Davy V.

Theodore "Teddy" Loria (pictured in photo to the right) is an ex-con whom I have been told by several sources whom I believe to be credible that he is working as an confidential informant with the the RPD.

Approx. 2 months ago, Teddy Loria showed up to a conference where I was a guest speaker along with another male, approx 6 feet tall, 450 pounds, in an attempt to intimdate me and stop me from making my presentation.

Several people including my photographer observed a firearm on Teddy Loria's waist.

Loria is a convicted felon. He served approx. 8 years with the New York State department of corrections.

Upon his release it is believed that he went to work for the Rochester Police department as a paid informant, informing the RPD not only of known drug dealers in the City of Rochester, but also of activists such as myself, whose job it is to expose police misconduct.

In an attempt to "cover' or 'throw off' the public, Teddy Loria uses the "facade" of someone who is interested in speaking out against police abuse, when in reality it's just part of his "cover."

Loria claims to be president of a fictitious "organization" called Citizens Against Police Brutality and Misconduct (C.A.P.B.M.), again, this is just part of his "disguise" to throw people off.

A couple of weeks ago, Teddy Loria was stalking me as I left my house and began to follow me in his blue dually pickup truck so close that his bumper was almost touching my rear bumper.

In an attempt to get away from him, I accelerated only to see Teddy Loria also accelerate his truck and then, attempt to hit my car as if to run me off the road.

Teddy Loria had another male in the passenger seat of his truck.

Teddy Loria continued to chase me through the Southwedge neighborhood for approx. 10 minutes until he saw me on the phone with 911, at which point he turned and sped off.

Teddy Loria then contacted my brother, who was with my 11 year old niece, and as my brother was driving, Teddy Loria who my brother had on speaker phone, threatened to kill me, my brother and my entire family including my 11 year old niece.

My 11 year old niece was terrified to sleep at night thinking that this sick individual would hurt her, her father or her uncle.

My 79 year old mother who has early stages of dementia was also terrified.

The Rochester, NY Police department refused to do anything about this, and so did the New York State Police. (another sign that leads me to believe Loria is in fact working with police)

I personally contacted Teddy Loria's attorney, John Parrinello in an attempt to have him intervene and get his client under control and assure that he is taking his meds.

John Parrinello NEVER returned my calls.

Teddy Loria has some very serious mental health issues as you can see noted in this link to an appeal he unsuccessfully tried in order to overturn his conviction in State Supreme Court for Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.

Teddy Loria is an extremely dangerous individual who should NOT be trusted.

Click the link below to read Monroe County Court Judge John Connell's decision to uphold Teddy Loria's conviction for selling crack cocaine, including six counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and six counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Theodore "Teddy" Loria himself, argued unsuccessfully that he was not taking his medication.

Click the link below to read Judge Connell's decision, where he also points out Loria's mental health issues.

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