Friday, September 14, 2012

City of Rochester, NY and City Attorney John Campolieto Resort to Intimidation Tactics against Family Whose Dog is Set to be Destroyed.

By Davy V.
September 14, 2012 9:56 AM ET

Imagine for a moment this.

You are 5 months pregnant and are home in your living room, with your two beautiful dogs, Schroeder, a pit bull and Piper, a boxer.

The front door to your home is open, but there is a screen door which is latched closed.

The mail lady comes on your porch and as any dog would do, especially protecting not only their home, but their pregnant owner, one of your dogs jumps at the screen door and the latch breaks.

Your dog then nips the mail lady's chest, leaving a bruise.

The police is called, and your dog is taken away from your home by animal control, where they keep him for four days before they release him back to you.

The next thing you know, weeks later, the police and animal control are at your front door with a court order to once again cease your dog while the case is pending in court.

When you go to court, you are given a choice, come up with $ 10,000 or your dog will be destroyed.

That's exactly what happened to Rochester, NY residents Amanda McManus, her husband Adam, and their beautiful dog Schroeder.

The mail lady, Heidi Desmond insisted that Schroeder be put down.

What is interesting as well as disturbing here is the fact that Schroeder was released back to his owner just four days after being held at Rochester, NY Animal Control.

Then, with alot of backroom dealing, Jeanne Colombo, Desmond's attorney got Rochester, NY City Court Judge Charles A. Crimi Jr. to sign an order to cease Schroeder from his home, a second time, and take him back to Rochester Animal Control, to be held there while his fate was decided.

I called Jeanne Colombo, the attorney for the mail lady, Heidi Desmond seeking a comment from her as to why is an innocent dog, full of life is being destroyed.

Ms. Colombo, who was very rude and extremely unprofessional, refused to answer most of the questions I asked her, instead referring me to Rochester, NY City attorney John Campolieto.

Ms. Colombo said, "My client's injuries were very serious."

When I asked her what the $ 10,000 amount was, she said that was the amount of her client's medical bills.

When I asked her exactly what injuries her client suffered, Ms. Colombo said "That is none of your business."

It's important to note here that this case, which Ms. Colombo claims her client suffered serious injuries, yet she said the injuries were none of my business, did not receive any coverage from the local media whatsoever. In fact, I myself just found out about it today when someone contacted me asking for my help, to get the story out there. So, one would think if in fact it were true that there were "serious injuries", it would have made the news. It didn't.

Ms. Colombo went on to tell me that one of the options discussed in court were to have the dog destroyed.

I then asked her if her client, the mail lady, Heidi Desmond chose to have Schroeder destroyed, and she replied "Yes."

I asked her why did her client want Schroeder killed.

Ms. Colombo replied "Because he is a dangerous dog and to protect the public." then hung up on me.

It was then when I was sure that this is an injustice.

I believe that the attorneys involved have used their power to intimidate a family who can't come up with $ 10,000 and have abused that power by getting a judge to put a loving dog to death.

A family dog, doing what dogs do best, protecting his home, and his family, including his owner's unborn baby.

Then, a mail lady overreacted and specifically elected to have a beautiful, loving dog destroyed.

It's quite clear that Rochester, NY City attorney John Campalieto, teamed up with attorney Jeanne Colombo, who in order to ensure that her client's "death wish" was carried out, got Rochester City court judge Charles A. Crimi Jr. to sign an order to destroy an innocent dog.

Schroeder is set to be destroyed at Rochester, NY Animal Control on Monday September 17, 2012.

Schroeder's owners, Amanda and Adam have been intimidated by the City of Rochester, the courts and attorney Jeanne Colombo that they have refused to cooperate in getting their story out and are said to be reluctant to save their own dog.

This story is not about them.

It is about a beautiful, loving dog named Schroeder, who is caught in the middle of corrupt Rochester, NY officials, a money hungry attorney, a corrupt judge and a family who is so fearful that they literally don't know what to do.

Calls to Rochester, NY City attorney John Campolieto, and Rochester, NY Animal Services director Christopher Fitzgerald were never returned.

UPDATE: As of Monday afternoon, word is that Schroeder has been given some more time. How much is not clear at this time. PLEASE CALL AND FLOOD THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS WITH YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS!

Please contact the following people who have decided to destroy a beautiful dog.

Attorney Jeanne Colombo (585) 242-9990

City of Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards (585) 428-7045

City of Rochester attorney John Campolieto (585) 428-6990

Rochester, NY Animal Services director Christopher Fitzgerald (585) 428-7274

Rochester, NY City Court Judge Charles A. Crimi Jr. (585) 428-4376

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