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Was Home Invasion-Style Break-In and Execution of 75 Year Old Grandmother's Pet Dog, Retaliation by Wayne County N.Y. Cops?

Macedon, NY Police Chief and
WayneNET Task Force Commander
John P. Colella
By Davy V.
September 11, 2012 9:13 PM ET

Alot has happened after I was the first and only to
break the story of Phyllis Loquasto, the 75 year
old grandmother who was held at gunpoint on her bathroom floor by Wayne County, N.Y. cops in masks as they shot her loving dog Duke minutes after breaking down her front door.

While Duke died a slow cruel death, bleeding out, and leaving a trail of blood through the hallways, stairs and bedrooms, Loquasto, who has had three strokes and a knee replacement, was so scared that she urinated and defecated on herself after
what she thought were masked
terrorists breaking into her home.

Macedon, NY Police Chief John P. Colella,
who is the commander of the WayneNET
Trail of blood on Phyllis Loquasto's stairs after her beloved dog
"Duke" was shot and killed by WayneNET Task Force officers.
drug task force, claims that his team was executing a search warrant at the
Loquasto  residence, and said his team found marjuana plants at the location.

Phyllis Loquasto's son and grandson lived with her at the home but were not at the house when the police broke the front door and stormed in while Loquasto was on her computer.

Despite the police claiming to have found marijuana, no arrests were made.

In the time since my story took off on the internet, being read throughout the U.S. as well as overseas, with readers from as far away as Japan and the U.K. reading about the WayneNET task force terrorizing an innocent elderly woman, two things can be said... Not only has the story hit a nerve with Macedon Police Chief John Colella, who said to me on the phone "I don't care if she's 2 or 75 years old," when I asked him about a 75 year old woman being held down on a bathroom floor at gunpoint by his officers, but it has also hit a nerve with the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world who have read about this disgusting use of excessive force, abuse and injustice committed against a senior citizen.

And now, even more disturbing details are coming out indicating that Macedon, NY Police Chief John P. Colella may have sent his WayneNET task force to break down the 75 year old Loquasto's front door, terrorize her and execute her dog as retaliation over the Loquastos complaints over the Macedon Police department's investigation, or lack thereof, of the death of Phyllis Loquasto's grandaughter, Chelsea Lynn Bulman.

On Tuesday June 5, 2012, Chris Bulman found his wife, twenty year old Chelsea Lynn on the bathroom floor of their Evergreen Hills apartment in the town of Macedon, NY with a dog leash around her neck.

Bulman, who is enlisted with the U.S. Army called 911 and despite his army combat training, never attempted to give his young wife CPR.

When paramedics arrived, they found Chelsea Lynn sitting upright, with her head resting against the bathroom sink vanity.

According to the paramedics, Chris Bulman had told them that when he found his wife, she was laying flat on the bathroom floor with her head about a foot off the ground, and the dog leash around her neck, indicating that Chris Bulman had moved his wife's body, as to position her in a completely different manner.

Despite a suspicious death, Macedon, NY Police never treated the apartment as a potential crime scene and never closed it off or performed any crime scene technician work.

Instead, under the supervision of Chief Colella, Macedon Police treated Chelsea Lynn's death as a suicide.

That doesn't sit too well with Terri Loquasto, Chelsea's mom.

I sat down with her for an interview, where she had some interesting things to say. "I picked Chelsea and Chris up from the Rochester airport on Friday June 1, 2012 after they had spent the month of May in Germany," Terri Loquasto said.

Terri Loquasto said that Chris Bulman's tour in Germany had ended and that her daughter and Chris would be moving to Georgia, where he would be stationed.

Loquasto gave her daughter Chelsea and Chris her apartment to stay in until they left to Georgia.

Terri Loquasto said that her daughter texted her the next morning, Saturday, happy that Chris Bulman was taking her to get a puppy.

As she sat with me, Terri Loquasto smiled as she remembered that text from her daughter, before pausing and saying "Now that I think about that, I thought it was strange, I mean why would he (Chris Bulman) take her to get a puppy if they were going to be moving to Georgia and had just returned from Germany, why would you just run out and get a dog?"

Terri Loquasto said that after Chelsea got the puppy, she was so happy and sent texts to several friends making "play dates" for the puppy to play with her friends' dogs.

According to Terri Loquasto, there were no signs of anything being wrong or of Chelsea Lynn being sad.

She then described for me the call she received around 4 pm on Tuesday June 5th, just four days after her daughter had arrived from Germany.

Terri Loquasto said her oldest daughter called her to tell her that one of Terri's neighbors had seen an ambulance take Chelsea Lynn away.

Terri Loquasto raced to Strong Memorial hospital, in Rochester, NY where she learned that her daughter Chelsea Lynn had been pronounced dead.

At the hospital, a medical investigator who was called in, said that it looked like a "suspicious suicide."

Later that evening, when Terri Loquasto went to her apartment, she could not believe her eyes.

"My apartment was in shambles, the curtains and blinds were ripped, the whole place was a disaster, like a struggle had happened in every room, except the bathroom", she said.

But perhaps more disturbing than seeing her apartment in disarray, was what Terri Loquasto found on the floor under the bedroom window -- broken fingernails on the rug.

Terri Loquasto remembers seeing her daughter's fingernails broken, when she saw her body at the hospital.

At Chelsea's wake, Terri Loquasto said that Chris Bulman showed up dressed in army fatigues and boots. "He couldn't even wear anything appropriate, it was like he was going to war," Loquasto said.

The last time that Terri Loquasto saw Chris Bulman was on a Monday, the day after her daughter's wake.

Chris Bulman showed up at Terri's apartment with his uncle and mother, asking if Chris could enter the apartment.

When Terri Loquasto said no, she says Chris Bulman's uncle looked at her and said "If I had a psycho bitch wife like you, I would kill her too."

Loquasto called 911 but when Macedon Police officer David Demchuck arrived, the three had already left.

At the time, Terri Loquasto had no idea that David Demchuck would be the lead investigator into her daughter's suspicious death.

Or would he?

"For two months I talked to Macedon Police officer David Demchuck thinking he was the lead investigator because he told me that he was", Terri Loquasto told me.

However, according to Loquasto, Macedon N.Y. Police Chief John Colella told her "Officer Demchuck was never an investigator in this case, he's only a patrol officer."

Colella went on to tell Loquasto that he (Colella) has been the investigator in the case from the start.

Confusion over who exactly was handling her daughter's suspicious death, along with what Terri Loquasto felt was Chief Colella's and the Macedon Police department's overall incompetent investigation, such as never securing the scene at the apartment, led Terri Loquasto and other family members to complain by writing letters not only to Chief Colella, but also to the New York State police, Wayne County, NY District Attorney Richard Healey, and even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo demanding that her daughter's death be investigated.

And about Macedon Police officer David Demchuck, when I met with Terri Loquasto, her mother, Plyllis Loquasto was also there.

Phyllis Loquasto said something I found very interesting.

She said after those men in black uniforms and masks, whom she later learned were actually none other than Macedon Police Chief John Colella and his thugs with badges, put her in the back of a hot police car, while they tore her home apart, Chief Colella came over to her and asked her "Who uses the computer in the bedroom?" and Phyllis Loquasto answered "I do."

Macedon Police Chief John Colella then asked the 75 year old grandmother "Do you have problem with officer Demchuck?"

With Colella's question, it was obvious that he looked through Phyllis Loquasto's personal, and private documents, etc. on her computer, as Demchuck's name was on her computer in relation to her granddaughter's death.

Then, without Phyllis Loquasto mentioning anything whatsoever about her granddaughter Chelsea Lynn, Chief Colella said "I don't even know Chris, I only met him once."

Why would Colella even make this unsolicited comment about a man who is a suspect in a young woman's suspicious death?

Was this a telling slip on Colella's part?

You see, just a few days before Macedon Police Chief John Colella and his WayneNET task force cops broke into Phyllis Loquasto's home, held her at gunpoint on her bathroom floor and shot her dog, the 75 year old had sent an email to Ron Holdraker, the owner and editor of the Times of Wayne County, a small newspaper, expressing her frustrations over the Macedon Police department's incompetent handling of her granddaughter's suspicious death.

If you ask me, Ron Holdraker, the "pro-law enforcement" editor of the Times of Wayne County newspaper, gave his good ol' buddy Chief Colella a heads up after he received Phyllis Loquasto's email.

Just a good ol' boys club in Macedon, NY a small town with a population of approximately 10,000 people.

Corrupt cops and a self described "pro law-enforcement" owner/editor of the Times of Wayne County, a small, insignificant joke of a newspaper, who backs those corrupt cops up.

Cops who retaliate, by breaking down a senior citizen's door, holding her at gunpoint on her bathroom floor, and executing her innocent dog.

A beautiful young woman named Chelsea Lynn is dead.

As her mother said, "I have no doubt my daughter was murdered."

Her husband?

After his wife's wake, he bought himself a new Ford Mustang and headed south.

While Macedon, NY Police Chief  John Colella and his gang terrorized a 75 year old gradmother, and killed her innocent pet dog Duke, they just may have allowed a killer to go free.

Driving his Mustang somewhere in Georgia.



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Contact Macedon, NY Police Chief John P. Colella and let him know how you feel.

Macedon, NY Police Chief and WayneNET Commander John P. Colella (315) 986-4121
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Contact Times of Wayne County Owner/Editor Ron Holdraker at
(315) 986-4300 or email him at waynetimes@aol.com

UPDATE: Almost a month after this incident, the Rochester, N.Y. Democrat and Chronicle newspaper is doing a story. 

Reporter Justin Murphy told me that a friend of  his sent him an email with the link to this blog, my original story on this case, and that the editors at the newspaper decided to do a story.



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