Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family of Man Shot by Rochester, NY Police officers as he was being Evicted from his Apartment, Prevented from Seeing their Loved One

Rochester, NY Police Chief
James Sheppard
By Davy V.

Tuesday February 6, 2013 7:52 a.m.

Timothy Powell's three sisters and niece made the 9-hour road trip from Washington, DC to Rochester, NY with one goal in mind.

To see their loved one.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

The family was denied access to visit Powell, who is handcuffed to a hospital bed in the ICU unit at Strong Memorial Hospital, under 24 hour police guard.

At first, Rochester Police stated that Powell was shot on January 29th, after he was armed with a bottle of bleach which they claim he used to throw bleach at officers.

Within hours, Rochester Police changed their story, saying that Powell was also armed with a knife.

Earlier Tuesday morning, the family attended a press conference which I held at my office, where, as usual, Rochester's mainstream media showed up ready to once again help the Rochester Police department in their lies and cover-ups.

At Tuesday's press conference for example, ALL the Rochester's news stations that showed up: WROC Channel 8, YNN News, News10 NBC, and 13WHAM, ALL intentionally ignored and left out the strongest points made, when the stories aired on TV.

As most people are completely unaware, corporate-run, mainstream media is very cautious to not 'bite the hand that feeds them' when it comes to stories involving police misconduct.

That 'hand', belonging to the Rochester, NY Police department.

You see,, throughout the U.S., mainstream news media depends on law enforcement to conduct their day to day job, which is, reporting news.

And Rochester is no exception.

With tips, leads, and any general information, law enforcement keeps mainstream news media 'in the loop.'

And that's a relationship which news outlets will NOT in any way, shape or form, risk.

Among the points in Tuesday morning's press conference which the media intentionally edited out and left on the cutting room floor, was the history of the two Rochester, NY Police officers who shot Powell.

Rochester, NY Police officers Antonio Gonzalez and James Ott.

On June 21, 2012, Rochester, NY Police officer Antonio Gonzalez, was one of 7 officers who opened fire on Israel 'Izzy' Andino, a mentally ill young man, on his 20th birthday.

Andino was holding a BB rifle and despite RPD officers having several opportunities to subdue him without using deadly force, Gonzalez and 6 officers all shot Andino in unison, in what was described by neighbors as a firing squad execution.

Andino was hit at least 11 times.

Bullets also hit several houses where young children were sleeping.

Other bullets penetrated vehicles parked in a driveway.

Andino's body was left uncovered on the sidewalk for hours, while several RPD officers joked about the shooting.

Just as Tuesday's incident, Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard justified Andino's execution, within minutes of the shooting..

In 2009, Rochester, NY Police officer Antonio Gonzalez made a video which he posted on he Internet titled "Name that Crackhead!", in which Gonzalez along with other RPD officers make fun of a mentally ill man who is seen on the video dressed in a martial arts uniform.

At one point in the video, RPD officers are heard singing the song "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting", as the man performs some martial arts moves.

Later, after Gonzalez posted the "Name that Crackhead!" video on the internet, Rochester, NY Police officers Josue Traverzo and Luis Hernandez, posted comments as to the man's whereabouts.

One comment, left by RPD officer Josue Traverzo reads: "Hint, can find him at 580 Jeff," referring to Jefferson Ave., on Rochester's west side.

As for RPD officer James Ott, he is named in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit in an incident where he brutalized an African-American woman being evicted from her Appleton St. home.

In July 2011, Officer Ott assaulted Henry, slamming her to the ground.

Henry was taken away in ambulance after losing consciousness.

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