Sunday, February 24, 2013

Former 'Uncle Tom' Rochester, NY Mayor Bill Johnson to Run 'House Negroe's' City Council Campaign

Former Rochester Mayor
Bill Johnson
By Davy V.

He lied to voters with his 'Blueprint for Change' plan he ran on in 1994.

He turned his back on his own African-American community, the very same voters who put him in office.

He called the Rochester, NY Police department's execution of 14-year old unarmed African-American teen, justified, before the young man's body was even cold.

He condoned Rochester, NY Police officers racially profiling, abusing, and executing innocent African-Americans and Latinos.

He screwed Rochester taxpayers out of millions of dollars with his failed Fast Ferry.

He was one of the worst Mayors Rochester, NY has had.

And he's back.

Disgraced former Rochester, NY Mayor William Johnson will be heading 'Reverend' Marlowe Washington's campaign for Rochester City Council.

Rev. Marlowe Washington
In a news conference Thursday, Washington, who came to Rochester from Newark, New Jersey in 2005, announced he would be running for City Council in what he calls his 'For the People' campaign.

And Bill Johnson will be chairing the campaign.

As a Latino father of three beautiful children, including two boys who are African-American and Latino, and as someone who has spent the past 17-plus years denouncing and exposing the corrupt Rochester, NY Police department and their long history of abusing and in some cases even killing unarmed, innocent African-Americans and Latinos, I ask the Rochester community, especially African-Americans, what has Marlowe Washington done to speak up, call out, or denounce racist, rogue, trigger-happy RPD cops?


In fact the 'Reverend' Marlowe Washington, has NEVER once stood up to police misconduct in my hometown.

Instead, Marlowe Washington has served as the Rochester, NY Police department's 'House Negroe', helping the RPD with their goal of dividing the African-American community even further by getting them to snitch on one another, with his 'You bet I Told' campaign.

I don't know about you, but I have a problem with another black 'Reverend' who is quick to get in front of a few television cameras with a smile, and pitch some 'For the People' ticket.

Especially when former Mayor Bill Johnson is involved.

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