Monday, May 20, 2013

Emily Good to Run for Monroe County, NY Sheriff

By Davy V.
Emily Good
Photo courtesy of Inside Edition

Almost two years after she made international headlines, shortly after she was arrested by Rochester, NY Police officer Mario Masic for video recording him conducting a racially profiled traffic stop of an African-American motorist in front of her home, Emily Good will announce she is running for Monroe County, NY Sheriff.

Good will run on the Green Party ticket, in what is sure to be a tough battle to upset incumbent Republican Patrick O'Flynn who has been Monroe County Sheriff since 2001.

Among her top priorities if elected Sheriff, Good says she will refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or I.C.E.

"As Sheriff I would pledge non-cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement because I believe that we are a country of immigrants, we are a county of immigrants, and it is no place in our job to harass our neighbors and fellow workers, so I would not cooperate at all with I.C.E. as several Sheriffs throughout the country have done."
Davy V. hugs Emily Good
after her charges were dismissed
in her 2011 arrest by Rochester Police.
Photo Courtesy of Washington Post

Good also said she would call for mandatory video recording of all interrogations, as well as installation of dash cams in all Monroe County Sheriff's vehicles.

"We know that police and sheriffs and law enforcement are legally allowed to lie... videotaping confessions and interrogations would help us keep an eye on potential abuse, manipulation, lying and false confession signing that happens", said Good.

As for having dash cams installed in Monroe County Sheriff's cruisers, Good sums it up best in one sentence.

Rochester, NY Police officer
Mario Masic, falsely arrested
Emily Good, violating her
Constitutional rights.
"We've seen in many cases that dash cams can provide some accountability for our law enforcement, which we really need, here in Monroe County", Good said.

Emily Good will hold a press conference, officially announcing her candidacy, Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m. in the Civic Center Plaza, between the Hall of Justice and the Public Safety building.

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