Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greece, NY Police officer: "Fuck it, you're under arrest!", as he is Caught on Video Violating African-American Youth's Civil Rights!

By Davy V.
Greece, NY Police officer assaukts, and falsely arrests
African-American student.

A disturbing video shows Greece, NY Police officers arresting a young African-American teen, on Wednesday May 15, 2013, for no other reason other than him walking on a public sidewalk.

The video, recorded by a brave Greece Olympia High School student begins with a female Greece, NY Police officer telling an African-American teen to "Keep walking."

A male GPD officer dressed in plain clothes, then yells at the young man "Keep walking! Keep walking or you're going to jail!"

"I'm not doing nothing", the young man is seen and heard telling the officer .

"You're blocking the sidewalk!", the officer yells.

The young man then tries to explain to the officer that he wasn't blocking the sidewalk, and that if anything, the officer is the one who is walking towards him.

The angry Greece Police officer then says "Fuck it, you're under arrest!", and grabs the young man, twisting his arms, and bringing him down on the ground.
Greece, NY Police officer assaulting,
falsely arresting student.

The female Greece Police officer is then seen on the video yelling at the young man who is recording, "Keep walking!"

"I'm waiting for my friend", the teen recording the video is heard saying.

"Your friend is going to jail!", a plain clothes officer replies.

According to the teen who recorded the video, there was a fight at the high school, that did not involve the young teen who was arrested.

"They followed us off the property, and then the undercover officer came out of nowhere", said the teen.


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